A Standard History of Champaign County Illinois

Stewart, J. R. A Standard History of Champaign County Illinois. The Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago and New York. 1918.

Standard History of Champaign County Illinois

These 475 biographies were collected from the manuscript “A Standard History of Champaign County, Illinois,” written in 1918 by J. R. Stewart. A citizen’s inclusion in this manuscript indicates only that they or someone on their behalf chose to “subscribe” to its publication.

Despite this, the presence of a biography in such works can provide family researchers with a vivid look into the lives of their ancestors. For historians, these works offer a glimpse into the events that helped shape a community. However, it’s important to remember that this type of work is not definitive proof, as the information was collected at the time and can often be misleading or even false. Stories handed down may not be true, and details of someone’s life may be altered to make them appear greater than they actually were. Therefore, researchers should verify the facts provided here with additional sources. With that in mind, please enjoy!

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Biograpy of Delong Brothers

Delong Brothers. That push and enterprise which take men over the heights of success has been the distinguishing quality of DeLong Brothers at Sadorus. In the southwestern part of Champaign County at least their achievements and their circumstances are almost too well known to need special reference, but for the benefit of the more remote

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