Center Street Cemetery, Wallingford, Connecticut

JONATHAN DICKERMAN b. 1775, d. 1831, aged 56 yrs.
AMOS RICE d. July 23, 1794, aged 60 yrs.
ELIZABETH, wife of Thomas Rice, d. June 5, 1833, aged 82 yrs.
MERAT RICE d. Sept. 10, 1807, aged 32 yrs.
CAPT. MOSES RICE b. 1715, d. 1799, aged 84 yrs.
PULLMAN RICE d. Nov. 3, 1817, aged 78 yrs.
THANKFUL, wife of Capt. Moses Rice, d. 1784, aged 70 yrs.
THOMAS RICE d. Feby. 8, 1828, aged 79 yrs.

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