Alaska Census Records

Starting in 1790, the United States government took a census every 10 years. Census information exists for the 1900, 1910, 1920, and 1930 census for Alaska. Unfortunately, earlier census enumerations (1880-1890) did not survive. Even though Alaska was purchased in 1867, there was no 1870 census taken.

Ronald Vern Jackson wrote a book in 1976 (currently out of print) that went into depth about the Alaska State census 1870-1907. The information from this book which will prove invaluable to Alaskan researchers, can be found online at Ancestry. I have not found any of this information online for free yet.  Alaska Census Records 1 Alaska Census 1870-1907 (must have Ancestry membership to view information, but search is free).


Following census are hosted at Alaska Census Records 2Alaska USGenWeb Archives

1900 Skagway

1910 Skagway

1920 Skagway

1930 Sitka



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