Elmwood Cemetery, North Gower Township, Kars County, Ontario Canada

Acres, Charles H. 1869-1945
Acres, Gilbert 1900-1967
Acres, Irene Pearl (Nixon) 1887-1970
Acres, Jessie L. (Robertson) 1879-1958
Acres, Mary J.(Allen) 1899-1947
Acres, William H. 1891-1968
Adams, John Died July 6, 1903
Adams, Mary Ann (Hooley) Died Dec. 19, 1891
Adams, Stevinson Died Jan. 23, 1860
Ainsworth, Walter C. 1865-1962
Allen, Anna (Lochead) Died Dec. 22, 1917
Allen, Arthur Died May 30, 1876
Allen, Joseph M.D. Died Mar. 11, 1900
Allen, Mary (Clingen) Died July 28, 1851
Andrews, Amy Died Marcy 13, 1851
Armstrong, A. C. Died March 4, 1924
Armstrong, John Howard 1877-1942
Armstrong, L. H. Russel 1905-1955
Armstrong, Lucinda (Malcomnson)
Armstrong, Margaret (Eccles) Died Jan. 30, 1909
Armstrong, Maria Died Apr. 15, 1891
Armstrong, Robert Died Oct. 10 1884
Atkinson, Annie Louise 1883-1955
Atkinson, Leonard Arthur 1883-1958
Atkinson, Millicent (Carter) 1859-1943

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