1851 Montreal Canada Directory, Academies to Auctioneers

In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work.

Academies, Schools, &C.
Abbott, Miss, 31 St. Antoine st. Anderson, J. M., 56 Craig st.,
Buchanan, Misses, 66 Craig st.
Christian Brethren’s Schools, Vitre
Colt, W. H., 33 St. Antoine st.
Cote, and Chenneville sts.
Cowan, Mrs., 5 Bonaventure st.
David Rodger, 2nd master
Davis, D., 62 Bonaventure st.
Devine Rev., J. A. (A. M.) Montreal grammar school, 46 St. Louis st.
DUTTON, JOSEPH T., 112 Craig street and Fortification lane.
Edwards, Mr. and Mrs., 110 St. Joseph st.
Godaire, Miss, 45 Bonaventure st.
H. A. Howe, rector
Hardisty, Miss, 22 Bonaventure st.
Harris, C. E.. 87 Craig st.
Harvey, Miss, 71 St. Antoine st.
John Follenus, music master
L. Montier, French master
Lyman, Miss, St. Helen st.
Malcolm, Miss, 77 Craig st.
Marshall & Brooks, Mesdames, St. Lewis st.
Matchitt, Miss, Radegonde st.,
Minshall, John, British and Canadian school, Cote st.
National School, R. H. Radford, Bonsecours st.
PHILLIPS, S., St. Urbain t., academy, No. 54 St. Urbain at., secretary to the Protestant board of examiners.
Picken, Miss, St. Lawrence hill.
Power, Miss, 34 St. Lawrence st.
Rev. Mr. Hutchinson, preparatory and drawing master.
Roles, Mrs., female diocesan school, Cote House.
Stewart, Andrew, Fortification lane.
T. A. Gibson, 1st master
Turner, Misses, 51 St. Urbain st.
Watson, C. P., Mansion house, College st.
Wetenhall & Grafton, Mesdames, 43 St. Joseph st.

Barnes, John, St. Catherine near Alexander st.
BENT, GEORGE, 183 St. Paul st.,
COURT, JAMES, Insurance Company’s buildings’, Great St. James st.
Dillon, Richard, 103 Mountain st.
DINNING, JOHN G., 13 St. Sacrament st.,
Malo, P. L., 86 Notre Dame st., up stairs.
Seed, Tomas, Fortification lane.
WHITE, JOSEPH, Gazette building, Great St. James st. See card, page 180.

ABBOTT, J. J. C., 34 Little St. James st.,
ABRAHAM, ROBERT, Place d’Armes hill.
BADGLEY & ABBOTT, 34 Little St. James st.,
BATES, J. W. & A., 38 Craig st.
BEAUDRY, J. U., 3 St. Vincent st.,
BEDWELL, & KERR, 45 Little St. James st.
BELLNGE, (F. M.,) & BETOURNAY, 3 St. Vincent St.
BETHUNE & DUNKIN, 33 Little St. James st.,
BLEAKLEY & ANDREWS, 27 Little St. James st.
BURROUGHS, C. S., 21 Little St. James st.
CARTER, EDWARD, 18 Little St. James st.,
CARTIER, GEORGE E. & D., 3 St. Vincent st.
COURSOL, (C. J.,) & POMINVILLE, 18 St. Vincent st.,
CROSS, & COFFIN, 51 Little St. James st.
DAY, J. J., 90 Notre Dame st.,
DEBLEURY, C. C. S., 38 Craig St.
DEROME, F. M., St. Lawrence
DEVELIN, B., 5 Little St. James st.
DRUMMOND & LORANGER, Place d’Armes hill.
FLEET, & DORMAN, 49 Little St. James st.,
GODIN F. B., 18 St. Vincent st.,
GRIFFIN, FREDERICK, 6 St. Gabriel st.,
HARVEY, A. C., 19 Little St. James st.
HOLMES, WILLIAM EDWARD, Little St. James st.
HUBERT, R. A. R., 8 St. Therese st.
JOHNSON, F. G., 1 Little St. James st.,
KURCZYN, GEO. L., house King, near William st.,
LAFLAMME, R., 31 St Gabriel st.
LARKIN, H. J., 27 Little St. James st.
LANGEVIN, HECTOR L., 13 St. Vincent st.
MACDONNELL, RICHARD, Place d’Armes hill.
MACK, W. G., 5 Place d’Armes hill.
MACIVER, M., Place d’Armes hill.
MACKAY & AUSTIN, 33 Little St. James st.,
MACRAE, GEORGE, of Macrae & Wood, 23 Little St. James st.
MONTIZAMBERT, E. L., 49 Little St. James st.
MORISON M., 9 Little St. James st.,
Mum, G. B., 5 Place d’Armes hill.
MONK, (JOHN,) & BUCHANAN, (G. C. V.) 1 Little St. James st.,
MACDoNALD, J. WILSON 12 St. Vincent st. and 1 St. Louis st.,
OUIMET, ANDRE, Fortification lane, near St. Lawrence hill.
POPHAM, JOHN, 5 Place d’Armes hill.
PELLETIER & PAPIN, corner Notre Dame and St. Claude sts.
PELTIER, TOUSSAINT, 25 St. Gabriel st.,
ROBERTSON, ANDREW & GEORGE R., 49 Little St. James st.
RosE, (JOHN,) & MoNK, (S. C.) 23 Little St. James st.
Roy, R., 25 St. Gabriel st.Montreal.
SWEENY, CAMPBELL, 23 Little St. James st.,
TAYLOR, HUGH, Little St. James st.,
TORRANCE, F. W., 33 Little St. James st.,
WOW, D. R., of Macrae & Wood, 23 Little St. James st.,

Non Subscribers
Abbott, Christopher C., Little St. James st.
Bancroft, H., 49 Little St. James st.
Bender, F. X., St. Therese st.
Betournay, Louis, 3 St. Vincent st.
Bibaud, E., 37 Little St. James st.,
Bibaud, M.. 25 St. Gabriel st.
Bihaud, P., 37 Little St James st.,
Campbell, John, Place d’Armes.
Chamberlain, B., 49 Little St. James st.
David & Joseph, 33 Little St. James st.
Delisle, John, 33 Little St. James st.
Demeray, P. O., St. Lawrence hill.
Doutre. Joseph, 31 St. Gabriel st.,
Driscoll, Henry, Q. C., St. Therese st.,
Dubord, E.. Sanguinet st., corner Craig st.,
Fleming, J. R.,. St. Jean Baptiste st.,
Frost, John, St. Jean Baptiste st.
Gugy, B. C. A., Little St. James st.,
Hawley, J. A., St. Therese st.
Herbert, Alexander, 51 Little St. James st.,
Ibbottson, H. J., St. Therese st.,
Judah, Henry, 31 Little St. James st.,
Lamothe, A., 8 St. Vincent st.,
Latrenaye, P. R., 8 St. Vincent st.,
Mondelet, Arthur, 18 Little St. James st.
Morin, J. A.. St. Vincent st.
Morris, L. E., 51 Little St. James st.
Nye, Thomas, 8 St. Therese st.,
Peltier & Namenville, 13 St. Lambert st.
Platt. John, 21 Little St. James st.
Pominville, F. P., 18 St. Vincent st.
Scott, James, 14 St. Vincent st.,
Stevenson, A., 45 Little St. James st.
Stuart, Henry, St. Therese st.,
Tailhaides, J. A., 16 St. Vincent st.
Unwin, Robert, 12 St. Vincent st.
Viger, L. Labreche, 2 Little St. James st.

Agricultural Warehouses
Ale, Cider And Porter Vaults
BOURNE, GEORGE, Odd Fellows’ Hall, Great St. James st.
BREWSTER, W. & C., 184 St. Paul st.
FLECK, ALEXANDER, 11 St. Peter st.
HAGAR, GEORGE, 103 St. Paul st.
Macnamara, W. H., 27 St. Gabriel t.
PHILIPS, GEORGE, 6 Great St. James st.

Architects, Civil Engineers And Surveyors
FOOTNER, WILLIAM, 159 Notre Dame st., architect and civil engineer.
MCDoNALD, J. F., 731/2 Mountain st., architect and civil engineer.
OSTELL, JOHN, architect and civil engineer, 37 Fortification lane, and office for the new court-house, corner of Jacques Cartier square and Notre Dame st.,
SCOBELL, J., architect and contractor, 45 Stewart’s buildings, St. Mary st.,
SPRINGLE, J. H., 36 Great St. James st., architect and civil engineer designs, estimates, and working drawings prepared for architectural and engineering works.
WELLS, JOHN, architect, civil engineer, and landscape gardener, Little St. James st. parties at a distance can be furnished with plans by sending a sketch of the ground plot upon which the improvements are to be made.
Brown, George, 56 Craig st.,
Smith, William, 27 Little Sst. James st.,
McFarlane, J. S , 67 St. Urbain St.
Taylor, A. D., Cote St. Antoine. Smith, George H

Atkinson & Buxton, Notre Dame St., Opposite The City Hall.
Duncan, James, 64 St. Lewis St.
Kreighoff, C., Odd Fellows’ Hall, Gt. St. James St.
Lock, F. W., Odd Fellows’ Hall, Great St. James

Auctioneers And Commission Merchants
BERNARD, HARKIN, & Co., 152 St. Paul st.liberal advances made on consignments.
BRIDGE, THOMAS H., Nun’s Buildings, St. Joseph t.,
FISHER & ARMOUR, 23 St. Francois Xavier st. liberal advances made on all descriptions of property consigned to their care.
HILL, C. F., 27 Great St. James st. advances made on consignments and prompt returns of sales rendered.
LEEMING & SABINE, 17 St. Francois Xavier St.liberal advances made on all descriptions of consignments.
SCOTT & GLASSFORD, 211 St. Paul t.,
SHIPWAY, J. G., 14 St. Francois Xavier st. advances made on consignments of property of every description.
STEWART & KERR, 225 St. Paul st.
Tobin, J. M., 19 St. Francois Xavier t.,
YOUNG & BENNING,1 5 St.Francois Xavier st advances made on consignments of all kinds.


The Canada Directory containing the names of the professional and business men of every description in the cities towns and principal villages of Canada November 1851.

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