1851 Williamsburg Canada Directory

A VILLAGE and Township situated in the County of Dundas, C. W.-distant from Montreal, 115 miles-usual steamboat fare, 10s. usual stage fare, 25s.

Alphabetical List Of Professions, Trades, &C.

Anderson, Michael, attorney at law.
Armstrong, John, carpenter and joiner.
Baker, James, innkeeper.
Barkley, Henry M., blacksmith.
Bell, Walter, merchant and postmaster, North
Williamsburg manufacturer of pot and pearl ashes.
Bedstone, William, innkeeper.
Bonner, Henry & Charles, foundry.
Casselman, Richard, millowner.
Cougler, Henry, carpenter and joiner.
Corbyn, Joseph, M.D.
Cumming. James, carpenter and joiner.
Dawson; James, blacksmith.
Deeks, Simon, blacksmith.
Dickey, Rev. John, Church of Scotland.
Dillenbough, Simon, carpenter and joiner.
Empey, Richard, blacksmith.
Ford, Christopher, innkeeper.
Gale, Charles, blacksmith.
Hanes, Jacob, innkeeper.
Hays, Hiram, blacksmith.
Heagle, Battis, tanner and currier.
Henderson, John, tanner and currier.
Hill, William, joiner and builder.
Holden, ________, hotelkeeper.
Kughun, John, merchant.
Loucks, Peter J., tanner and currier.
M’Donald & Baker, merchants.
M’Martin, Alexander, merchant.
M’Kenzie, William L., builder of fanning mills.
Martin, Robert, tanner and currier.
Mead, Benjamin. innkeeper.
Morgan, Ira, tanner and currier.
Myers, John, carpenter and joiner.
Myers, William, carpenter and joiner.
Nash, Samuel, blacksmith.
Nevins, Cornelius, merchant.
Old, James, blacksmith.
Pillar, Michael, merchant, wharfinger, and post master for East Williamsburg.
Plenty, John, blacksmith.
Prose, Isaac N., merchant and wharfinger, West Williamsburg.
Salmon, James, carpenter and joiner.
Sheafy, Benjamin, millowner.
Smyth, George, tanner and currier.
Snyder, Alexander, carpenter and joiner.
Southworths, Joseph, innkeeper.
Sporbuck, Martyn, blacksmith.
Sullivan, Edward, tanner.
Tracy, William, deputy provincial surveyor.
Tracey, Septimus, builder, &c.
Utman, Isaac, carpenter and joiner.
Winegard, Peter, builder, &c.
Wilson, Edward, blacksmith.
Wood, George, attorney at law.

Township Council
Walter Bell, reeve;
Alexander M’Donnell, deputy-reeve;
Richard Helmer, and John Hickey, councillors;
Isaac N. Rose and Joseph Southworths, collectors;
Alexander M’Donell, revenue officer;
Jacob J. M’Kay, P. G. Crysler, and Christopher Ford, assessors.


The Canada Directory containing the names of the professional and business men of every description in the cities towns and principal villages of Canada November 1851.

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