1851 Port Stanley Canada Directory

A Village situated on Lake Erie, in the Townships of Southwold and Yarmouth, County of Middlesex, C. W. distant from London, 26 miles usual stage fare, 5s. distant from Toronto, 157 miles distant from Hamilton, 110 miles usual stage fare, 22s. 6d usual steamboat fare to Buffalo, 5s., to Cleveland, 12s. 6d.

In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work.

Alphabetical List Of Professions, Trades, &c.
BALL, JAMES T., dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, and country produce, Main st.
BURNES, WILLIAM, Mansion House hotel, Main St. travelers will ,find every convenience at this house, and the charges reasonable.
HODGE & Co., forwarders, and general commission merchants, Main st.
M’BRIDE, ALEXANDER, North American hotel, Main St. this house will be found comfortable and convenient, and the charges moderate.
M’PHERSON & CRANE, forwarders and commission merchants, in the premises lately occupied by Mr. F. A. Headly liberal advances made on property consigned for sale to M’Pherson & Crane, Montreal.
PRINCE, SAMUEL, importer and general merchant, Main st.
SMITH, RICHARD, collector of customs, J. P., and harbor master, Main st.
WARREN, E. E., notary, land, and general agent, and conveyancer, Main st.
WILLIAMS, G. R., forwarder, and general commission merchant, Main st.
Non Members
Arkell, Henry & Co., distillery.
Allworth, Rev. M., Congregationalist.
Ayres, Nelson. E., shoemaker.
Burgess, Dr. W., physician and surgeon.
Buzzacute. John, baker, &c.
Bennett, Philo, custom house officer.
Coughill, Green & Co., woollen factory.
Cameron. D., blacksmith.
Campbell & Hume, general merchants.
Crowley, Denis, provision store.
Carruthers, John, general merchant.
Daniels, Dr., physician and surgeon.
Firth & Smith, Erie Mills.
Hamilton, ______, school teacher.
Hodge, Alexander & Co., general merchants.
Ketchum, CharleS, distiller.
Lloyd, George, shoemaker.
M`Cullum, John, tailor.
Mahon, Lawrence, cabinetmaker.
Moore, Dr. J., physician and surgeon.
Mount, J. M., Port Stanley millS.
Phillips, Ralph, distillery.
Reagan, J., provision store.
Routh & Davidson, forwarders, &c.
Steel, Rev. G. C., Church of England.
Thomson, Robert, forwarder, &c.
Thomson & M’Pherson, general merchants.
Thomson, Bryce, J., postmaster.
Tomlinson, Joseph, innkeeper.
Tomlinson, J. & C., livery stables.
Turville, Richard, Phoenix mills.
Vavitz, Abraham, Tamworth mills.
Waters, George, cabinetmaker.
Wade, J. & Co., chemists and druggists.
Waddell, Wood & Co., distillers.
Wright, James, miller, and woollen factory.

The Canada Directory containing the names of the professional and business men of every description in the cities towns and principal villages of Canada November 1851.

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