1851 Montreal Canada Directory, Plane Maker to Sail Maker

In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work.

Plane Makers
DAWSON, JOHN, Alexander, near Lagauchetiere st. planes of every description and of the bet quality, constantly on hand, and for sale, on favorable terms.
Wallace, Alexander, Lagauchetiere, near Bleury st.

Planing And Sawing Mills
Midgley, Charles, Wellington st. Sims & Coleman, Queen’s square.

Aitken & Morrison. George near, Wellington st.
M`Lean. John, 7 St. Antoine st.
Dunlop, C. & J., Dorchester, near Bleury st.
Mercer, Lawrence, Anderson st.

Pleasure Garden
Maio, Louis, 15 Perthuis st.

Powder Mills
KELLY, CHARLES, & Co., Gore powder mills, City of Hamilton, C. W. See Card.

Printing Offices
ARMOUR & RAMSAY, 21 St. Mrancois Xavier st.
BECKET, J. C., 22 Great St. James st.
CAMBPELL, ROLLO, Place d’Armes.
DEMONTIGNY & Co., St. Amable Lane.
DoRION, J. B. E., Place d’Armes.
DUVERNAY, L.,. 15 St. Vincent st.
GILLIES, JOHN, 3 M’Gill st.
GENDRON, P., 20 St. Gabriel st.
KINNEAR, D. & Co., St. Gabriel st.
LANGEVIN, H. L., St. Denis st.
LOVELL, JOHN, 5 and 7 St Nicholas st.
M’DONALD, D., Hospital st.
PERRAULT, LOUIS, 7 St. Vincent st.
SALTER, WILLIAM, & CO., 20 Great St James st.
STARKE, & CO., Ste. Therese st.

Provision Inspectors
EAGER, WILLIAM L., inspector of beef and pork, Wellington st.
MCDONNELL, FRANCIS butter and provision inspector, Grey Nun st.
WATSON, WILLIAM, flour inspector, George st., near Common st.

Provision Merchants
BOYER Lours, corner St. Mrancois Xavier and Commissioners sts , wholesale provision merchant.
WATSON & WILLIAMS, corner of St. Paul and McGill streets, provision and commission merchants, make advances on consignments of all kinds of country produce.
Benoit, Z., 32 Commissioners st.
Lefevre, Magloire, 43 St. Paul st.
Conolan, Peter. Commissioners st.
St. Charles, Frs. 33 Commissioners st.
Latham, Richard, 28 St. Francois Xavier st.
Connolly & Lantier, Callifre and Foundling st.

Ready Made Linen Warehouses
AITKEN, JOHN, 159 Notre Dame st. ready made linen for ladies, gentlemen and chil?
dren, and also baby linens of all kinds, constantly on hand and for sale low.
MILES, W. C., 162 Notre Dame st., opposite to Gibb and Co.’s a large stock of ready made linens, gentlemen’s haberdashery, &c., constantly on hand and for sale at very moderate prices.
PROVANDIER, MRS., 50 Notre Dame st. gentlemen’s linens and under clothing of every description, also a choice assortment of haberdashery, constantly on hand and offered for sale upon reasonable terms.

Registry and Intelligence Offices
FLYNN, JAMES, 13 Alexander st., opposite St. Patrick’s Church. See card.
HESTER, JOHN, 6 Bleury st. families requiring servants or farm laborers, can be at all times suited by applying as above.
Bell, William, 142 Craig t.
Scholes, William, Vitre, near St. Urbain st.
ROPE FACTORY. Converse, J., & Co., St. Helen, near St. Mary st.

Saddlers and Harnessmakers
MORRIS, ROBERT, saddlery, harness, trunk and valise warehouse, 27 Notre Dame st. opposite the Water Works.
STETHEM, W. G., manufacturer of saddlery, harness, trunks and valises of every description, and of the best quality, 15 and 17 McGill st.
STEVENS, WILLIAM, saddler, harness and trunkmaker, corner of Great St. James and McGill st. every article in the line constantly on hand, and for sale cheap.
Barrington, George, 39 McGill st.
Lafreniere, Cyprien, 23 St. Mary st.
Donohue, Timothy, 61 St. Paul st.
Leduc, J. B., 58 St. Joseph st.
Duquet, Francois, 126 St. Lawrence st.
McCracken, C. S., corner of McGill and Notre Dame st.
Euard, John, 35 McGill st.
Julien, J. B., Jacques Cartier square.
Parent, J., 152 St. Joseph st.
Irwin, Mrs., 19 McGill st.
Walker, Alexander, Haymarket square.
Lafreniere, N., 14 Salaberry st.
Woods, Robert, Jacques Cartier square.

Saddlery Hardware and Patent Leather Store
THORNTON, JOHN, 25 McGill st. all kinds of saddlery hardware, carriage trimmings, patent leather and india rubber goods constantly on hand. See card, page 223.

Sail Maker
Blakiston, Robert, corner of Port and Common st.


The Canada Directory containing the names of the professional and business men of every description in the cities towns and principal villages of Canada November 1851.

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