1851 Gaspe Canada Directory

The District of Gaspe, which consists of the Counties of Bonaventure and Gaspe, is situated on the south shore of the River St. Lawrence, and is bounded north by that river, east by the Gulf of the same name, and south by the Bay Chaleur and the Province of New Brunswick.

In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work.

List Of Public Officers And Professional And Business Men.

Representatives In The House Of Assembly For The District
County of Gaspe, Robert Christie
County of Bonaventure, William Cuthbert

Judiciary Of Gaspe
Hon. J. G. Thomson and J. F. DeBlois, circuit judges and justices of the superior court, and chairmen of sessions
John Wilkie and G. F. Tremblay, joint prothonotary, clerk of the crown, &c.
Martin Sheppard, sheriff
John McLellan, jailor, New Carlisle
E. Tuzo, jailor, Perce
J. R. Hamilton, Queen’s counsel
E. Martell and P. Winter, members of the bar.

Clerks Of The Circuit Court
Gaspe Basin, John Eden
Perce, G. F. Tremblay
Grand River, H. Dalton
Magdalen Islands, J. C. Ballaine
New Carlisle, J. Wilkie
Carleton, E. Mann
Restigouche, J. Frazer.

Crown Land Agents
Gaspe, John Eden (acting)
Bonaventure, E. Martel

Gaspe, William Tilly
Bonaventure, R. W. Fitton

Ministers Of The Church Of England
Central or Perce Mission, Rev. R. Short
Malbay, &c., Rev. F. A. Smith
Gaspe Basin, Rev. F. De La Mare
Bay Chaleur Mission, G. Milne, M.A.

Church Of Scotland
Rev. John Davidson.

Roman Catholic
F. Moylan, Douglastown;
E. Gingras, Perce;
Z. Leveque, Paspebiac;
L. Allain, Bonaventure;
Tessier, Carleton; Olscamp, Restigouche.

Officers Of H. M. Customs
Gaspe, H. Kavanagh, collector
Perce, E. Flynn, tide waiter; New Carlisle
J. Fraser, collector; Restigouche
E. Mann, tide waiter

County Bonaventure, R. W. Fitton
Gaspe, P. Winter

Members Of The Medical Profession
Charles Labellois, Magousha
H. W. Fitton, New Carlisle
O. T. Connick, and L. Bistodeau, Perce
M’Intosh, Gaspe

Agents For Lloyds
Gaspe, John Le Boutillier
Bonaventure, Henry Kavanagh

John Eden, Gaspe Basin
Charles Veit, Douglastown
G. Packwood, Point Peters
Jos. E. Tuzo (Acting), Perce
Wm. Tilly, Cape Cove
Owm. Carter, Port Daniel
R. W. Kelly, New Carlisle
A. Cuthbert, New Richmond
Jos. Meagher, Carleton
John Frazer, Restigouche

J. Le Boutillier, Joseph Eden, John. Gemmel, M. Sheppard, George Jenne, R. W. Kelly.

Land Surveyors
W. M’donald, F. Blaiklock, E. Legendre.

M. Sheppard, J. G. Le Bel.

Merchants And Traders
J. Le Boutillier, St. Anne;
J. B. Sassville, La Pointe;
M. L’Esperance, Grande Etang;
J. Hammon, and J. D. St. Croix, Fox River;
J. Le Boutillier, and Janvrin & Ca., Griffith’s Cove;
J. Packwood, Cape Rozier;
F. Allier, St. George’s Cove;
Janvrin & Co., and Wm. Hyman, Grand Greve;
John Le Boutillier, John Eden, James Perchard, and J. Wilson, Gaspe Basin;
Charles Veit, Douglastown;
Peree & Co., and A. De Gruchy, Point St. Peter;
John Vardon, Peree & Co., and P. Mabe, Malbay; C. Robin & Co., John Le Boutillier, and Le Boutillier Brothers, Perce;
A. Payn, and J. Cass, Cape Cove;
C. Robin & Co , and Thos. Carberry, Grand River;
Gaspe Company, Alex. Murray, J. Hammon, and G. Smith, Pabos and Newport;
Gaspe Company, and J. S. Jaffray, Port Daniel;
Chas. Robin & Co., Le Boutillier Brothers, and D. Bisson, Paspebiac; M. Caldwell, R. W. Kelly, P. Vibert, F. G. Jenne, New Carlisle;
Boissonnault Brothers, Bonaventure;
Wm. Cuthbert, J. Campbell, F. Cooke, New Richmond;
John Meagher, and Nelson Verge, Carleton.


The Canada Directory containing the names of the professional and business men of every description in the cities towns and principal villages of Canada November 1851.

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