1851 Dundas Canada Directory

A Town in the township of Flamborough, and United Counties of Wentworth and Halton distant from Hamilton, 5 miles usual stage fare, Is. 3d. from Toronto, 45 miles usual stage fare, 8s. 9d. Population about 2500.

In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work.

Agencies Of Assurance Companies, Banks, &C.
Bank of British North America, J. B. Ewart, agent.
Canada Life Assurance Company, Robert Spence, agent.
Colonial Life Assurance Company, Thomas Racey, agent.
National Loan Fund Life Assurance Company, W. Notman, agent.
Dundas Building Society-R. Holt, president; James Coleman, vice-president; R. Spence, secretary and treasurer; W. Miller, solicitor.

Public Officers
Begue, A. F., collector.
Chisholm, Walter, town clerk.
Coleman, James, mayor.
Ewart, J. B., postmaster.
M’Donald, Murdoch, bailiff.
Spence, Robert, reeve.
Suter, Robert W., treasurer.

Alphabetical List Of Professions, Trades, &C.

BICKELL, RICHARD, brewer, Dundas brewery.
Boice, WILLIAM, importer of and dealer in dry goods, groceries, and crockery. wholesale and retail, Main st
BRUCE, FRANCIS, Merchants’ Exchange hotel, Main st., opposite Town Hall livery furnished at the shortest notice.
BULLOCK, J., tavern keeper and lumber merchant, near Flamborough mills.
BYRNS, DAVID, dealer in leather, boots and shoes, Main st.
COLEMAN & M’INTYRE, dealers in groceries, wines, liquors, provisions, paints, oils, dye stuffs, stone and glass ware, pig iron, coals, &c., corner of Main and King Sts.
COLLIER, THOMAS, general grocer and produce merchant, King st.
COLLINS, BERNARD, North American hotel, King St. travellers will find excellent accommodation and good livery at this house.
DIXON, JAMES, importer of British and American dry goods and groceries, corner of King and Ogilvie st.
ELLIOT, F. R., Dundas carriage factory, Main st.
ELLIOT & THORNTON, wholesale and retail chemists and druggists, importers of genuine English chemicals, and dealers in patent medicines, perfumery, oils, paints, varnishes. stationery, glass, &c., King st.
EVERITT, O. W., cabinet and chair manufacturer, King st.
EWART, JAMES B., postmaster, J. P., notary, agent Bank of British North America, and for the issue of marriage licenses, merchant and miller, Dundas mills.
FARWELL, J. C., railroad contractor, King st.
FISHER, JOHN, manufacturer of and dealer in plain and japanned tin and sheet iron ware, stoves, hardware, &c., King st.
FORBES, ADAM, merchant tailor and woollen draper, King st.
GARTSHORE & CO., Dundas iron foundry and machine shop, Hatt st.
GRAHAM, ANDREW, dealer in groceries and provisions, King st.
HAWKIN, F., sash factory and planing machine.
HOFFMAN, JOHN, soap and candle factory.
HOLT, ROBERT, miller and brewer, Wentworth mills, Main st.
HUNTER & QUICK, medical doctors, physicians and surgeons, Hatt st.
IRONSIDES, JAMES, last and boot tree manufacturer, Main st.
JONES & HARRIS, general printing office. King st.
KEMP, M., blacksmith and machinist, corner of King and Ogilvie ts.
KENNEDY, JAMES, livery stables, Main St. livery furnished at the shortest notice.
KIRBY, ANDREW T., miller, distiller and lumber merchant, Flamborough mills address letters to Dundas P. O.
LEAVITT, GEORGE, axe factory, Main st.
LESSLIE, JOHN, chemist, druggist. and stationer, Main st.
M’DONNELL, WILLIAM, Elgin house hotel, King st.
M’KENZIE, THOMAS H., importer of dry goods, shelf, and heavy hardware, groceries, crockery, glass ware, wines. liquors, paints, oils, &c., King st.
MILLER & ROBERTSON, barristers, attorneys, solicitors in chancery, notaries and conveyancers, King st.
MITCHELL, JAMES, M. D., physician and surgeon, King st.
MOE, M. & J. W., dealers in marble, and manufacturers of monuments, tomb tables, gravestones, and all kinds of ornamental marble work, Main st.
MOORE, HUGH, general merchant, and importer of dry goods, hardware, &c., corner of King and Main ts.
NOTMAN, W., M. P. P., barrister, attorney, notary, and conveyancer.
OVERFIELD, B. & S., importers of British and American dry goods, Main st.
PATTERSON, JOHN, woollen manufacturer, Elgin mills.
PATTERSON, ROBERT, fanning mill and agricultural implement maker, Hatt st.
QUARRY, JOHN, saddler and harness maker, King st. a choice stock constantly on hand.
RILEY, JAMES. hotel and stage house, Main st.,
SPENCE, ROBERT, auctioneer and general commission merchant, King st.
SPENCER, JOSEPH, Gore flour and paper mills.
SUTER, R. W., treasurer, Desjardin’s canal. King st.
TAYLOR, WILLIAM, recess and livery stables, Main st.
TURNBULL, ALEXANDER, stove and agricultural implement manufacturer, King st.
VASSIE, JOHN, grocer and provision dealer; King st.
WAGSTAFF, JOHN, dealer in English and American hardware, and manufacturer of tin ware, stove pipes, &c., Main st.
WARDER, THE DUNDAS, weekly newspaper, Jones & Harris, printers, King st.

Non Subscribers
Bell, Rev. A., Church of Scotland.
Borthwick, J., baker, King st.
Christie, Rev. Thos., United Presbyterian.
Clutton, Rev. Joseph, Baptist.
Conolly, B., boots and shoes, King st.
Cowper & Builder, cabinetmakers, King st.
Davis, W. W., surgeon dentist, King st.
Duggan, J. & R., tailors, King st.
Fleming & Sheldrake, builders, Hatt st.
Foley & Snow, tailors, King st.
Fruin, J., whip maker, King st.
Gemley, Rey. J., Wesleyan.
Hamilton, James, M.D., Mountain.
Hare, S., chair maker, King st.
Hibbin, H. B.. boots and shoes, King st.
Hiney, D., baker, King st.
Hugill, Rev. Joseph, Wesleyan.
Jennings, Charles, comb factory, Main st.
Latschaw, Isaac, cabinetmaker, King st.
Laziere & Davis, dry goods, Main st.
Lee, James, stage office, King st.
Lewis, James, gunsmith, King st.
Lewis, Lewis, cabinetmaker, King st.
M’Murray, Rey. William. Church of England.
Mackay, J., tanner.
Mitchell, J., M. D., King st.
O’Donnell, D., boots and shoes, King st.
O’Reilly, Rey. J., Roman Catholic.
Passmore, W., saddler, King st.
Ridler, G., tailor; Hatt st.
Scott, James, builder, King st.
Suter, R., insurance agent, King st.
Swanson. William, grocer. King st.
Turney, J , corn broom maker, King st.
Watson, Miss, milliner Main st.
Weaver, M” innkeeper, King st.
Wells & Lacey, shoe peg makers.
Witherspoon, J.. baker, King st.
Witherspoon, L., watchmaker, Main st.


The Canada Directory containing the names of the professional and business men of every description in the cities towns and principal villages of Canada November 1851.

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