1851 Chatham Canada Directory

A Village and Township situated on the Ottawa River, in the County of Two Mountains, Canada East distant from Montreal, 52 miles usual steamboat fare, 6s. 3d. stage fare from Carillon, Is. 3d Population of the Village and Township about 3,100.

In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work.

Alphabetical List Of Professions, Trades, &C.
Aitken, Oliver, cabinetmaker.
Barron, Major, agent for crown lands.
Bolam, John, saddler.
Bothwell. John, carpenter.
Brown, George, grist mill. Canning,
Canning, Archibald, mason.
Carson, James, shoemaker.
Clement, Moses, blacksmith.
Cusack, James, carpenter.
Cushing, E. J., innkeeper.
CUSHING, SAMUEL, postmaster, general merchant, saw and grist mills, and dealer in wild lands, improved farms, &c.
Dale, Samuel, grist and saw mills.
Davis, Arthur, grist and saw mills.
Dickinson, Silas, cabinetmaker.
Dinsmore. James. blacksmith.
Douglass, John, wheelwright.
Duncan. Andrew. mason.
Dunn, Andrew. shoemaker.
Earls, John, grist and saw mills.
French, Solomon, shoemaker.
FULLER, RINALDO, flour and saw mills, and
Graham. Richard, mason.
Harrington, William, saw and shingle mills.
Hay, John, mason.
Hendrie, James, wheelwright.
Hutchins, John, saw and carding mills.
Kell, John, blacksmith.
King, Rev. John, Baptist.
Lapham, William, wheelwright.
Leroy. Robert, innkeeper.
Loggie, James, saw mill.
Mair, Rev. William, Church of Scotland.
Martin, Edward, shoemaker
McArthur, , storekeeper.
McCallum, Joseph, wheelwright.
McCormick, John, mason.
McCormick, Patrick, shoemaker.
McGregor, Andrew, saw and carding mills..
Mullen, Jahn, shoemaker.
Ouillette, Louis, carpenter.
Owens, Owen, general store.
Pamaby, John, wheelwright.
Parsons, Denis. saddler.
Roberts, Daniel, shoemaker.
Robinson. Robert, carpenter.
Scally, Neil J., storekeeper.
Schagel, Jacob, saw mill.
Scott, Brothers, chemical works..
Scott, John, millwright.
Shails, Tully. shoemaker.
Smellie, Thomas, mason.
Stewart. Thomas, mason.
Tait, Robert, innkeeper.
Turnbull. Robert, smith and contractor.
Wanless, G., postmaster, near Carillon Village.
Whelan, Patrick,. carpenter.
Wilcox, Barnabas, millwright.


The Canada Directory containing the names of the professional and business men of every description in the cities towns and principal villages of Canada November 1851.

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