Officials of the County of San Bernardino

State Senator, W. W. Bowers, of San Diego;
Assemblyman, E. W. Holmes, of Riverside;
Judges of the Superior Court, C. W. C. Rowell and John L. Campbell;
Sheriff, E. C. Seymour;
County Clerk, George L. Filson;
Recorder, A. S. Davidson;
Auditor, W. L. G. Soule;
Treasurer, W. H. Beattie;
Tax Collector, R. H. Stetson;
District Attorney, Henry Connor;
School Superintendent, H. C. Brooke;
Surveyor, W. C. Chamblin;
Coroner, C. C. Wainwright;
Public Administrator, James E. Mack;
Court Commissioner, J. C. Christy;
Supervisors, J. A. Johnson, Thomas Holmes, G. W. Garcelon, George Cooley, W. H. Glass;
Board of Education, J. E. Roberts, Lyman Evans, H. C. Brooke, E. P. Clarke.


The Lewis Publishing Company. An Illustrated History of Southern California embracing the counties of San Diego San Bernardino Los Angeles and Orange and the peninsula of lower California. The Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago, Illinois. 1890.

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