Officials of the County of San Bernardino

State Senator, W. W. Bowers, of San Diego;
Assemblyman, E. W. Holmes, of Riverside;
Judges of the Superior Court, C. W. C. Rowell and John L. Campbell;
Sheriff, E. C. Seymour;
County Clerk, George L. Filson;
Recorder, A. S. Davidson;
Auditor, W. L. G. Soule;
Treasurer, W. H. Beattie;
Tax Collector, R. H. Stetson;
District Attorney, Henry Connor;
School Superintendent, H. C. Brooke;
Surveyor, W. C. Chamblin;
Coroner, C. C. Wainwright;
Public Administrator, James E. Mack;
Court Commissioner, J. C. Christy;
Supervisors, J. A. Johnson, Thomas Holmes, G. W. Garcelon, George Cooley, W. H. Glass;
Board of Education, J. E. Roberts, Lyman Evans, H. C. Brooke, E. P. Clarke.

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