Biography of Hosea L. Daugherty

HOSEA L. DAUGHERTY, Deceased. – Were a compilation of the character that the history of Union county purports to be, to leave from its pages an epitome of the life of the late esteemed and beloved citizen of our county, whose name appears at the head of this article, there would be cause for weighty criticism, since he wrought here for the advancment of the county, and labored for its material progress with a skill and energy that commended him to every true citizen, while his life of uprightness and reputation untarnished made him the recipient of the esteem and confidence of all.

In Coshocton county, Ohio, on August 1, 1834, Hosea L. was born to John and Jane (Mitchell) Daugherty. In his native place, he acquired an education from the district schools, that most worthy of all American institutions, and when he had arrived at the age of seventeen, in company with his oldest brother, he started across the plains to California. The trip was destined to be a sad one, for when well out on the plains, his brother sickened and despite all care that could be bestowed grew steadily worse until death ended his sufferings. Bereft of his wise counsel and companionship, it required courage and pluck for the young man, left to pursue the journey to its end. However, he did so and soon was found in Shasta county and at Humboldt Bay, giving his attention to mining. Later he repaired to southern Oregon and took up freighting, operating between Umatilla and the various camps of Idaho. This work continued until 1863 when he selected the present home place, two miles north from Cove, where he took land and gave his attention to general farming and stock raising, achieving the success that is attendant upon intelligence, industry, and thrift, being numbered with the leading men in these occupations in his sections and known as one of the most upright and substantial residents of the county.

In Iowa, on March 21, 1872, occurred the marriage of Mr. Daugherty and Miss Juliet, daughter of Jepseph and Martha J. (Carle) Fisher, and the fruit of the union are the following children: Amy J., wife of L.D. Sutherland, who lives adjoining the old place; Helen L., in Illinois; Frank M., at home; Carrie M., at home; and one who died. Mr. Daugherty was called form his albors and home on December 26,1893, and his demise was a time for sincere mourning, for all who knew him as he was a good and honorable man. He was a member of the Grange and Farmers’ Alliance and took considerable interest in these associations, but in politics he was not desirous of preferment, refusing to qualify when he was elected to the office of justice of peace, but still always laboring for the welfare of the county and its population.



An Illustrated history of Union and Wallowa Counties: with a brief outline of the early history of the state of Oregon. Western Historical Pub. Co., 1902.

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