1861 Directory of Yankee Jims California

1861 Directory of Yankee Jims California

Abbott James, miner
Adams George, miner
Adams L. miner
Adams Timothy, miner
Ambriester S. miner
Anderson William, (colored) porter
Andrews Christian, miner
Andrews Joseph, miner
Armsden Joseph, miner

Baker Artemas jr. miner
Baker Artemas, miner
Balch George, blacksmith
Balch, Geo. blacksmith
Barnhill Robert, miner
Barron Fletcher, miner
Barstow William, express agent
Barstow Wm. express agent
Battman J. W. miner
Baxter N. M. miner
Beckford A. miner
Beilderman Conrad, saloon-keeper
Benedict Louis, teamster
Benjamin John, miner
Bennett Jo. miner
Biteley Robert, dairyman,
Booth Arthur, miner
Bowman S. W. miner
Bradley S. R. miner
Brown Chas. miner
Brown Samuel, miner
Burdell Geo. miner,
Burdell George, miner
Burns Hugh, miner
Burrow A. F. miner,
Burrow Aaron, miner,
Burrow Eli, miner

Campbell A. miner
Carlisle C. W. miner
Castrum J. B. miner
Champion L. miner
Christian James, miner
Coffin Wm. L. soda factory
Condon Henry, miner
Condon Joseph, miner
Cooney John, miner
Copenhagen G. merchant
Cranage Wm. miner
Crane H. F. miner
Crane R. W. miner
Crary Wm. miner
Cravens R. O. miner

Davis Fletcher, miner
Denny Michael, miner
Desoisa Manuel, miner
Devine John, miner
Dewarto Francisco, miner
Dotry Francisco, miner
Doyle Wm. H.
Drinkhouse Robt. miner
Duck Wm. merchant
Duncan Adam, miner
Dunn Edward, miner

Eckle, Lawrence, miner
Elton Samuel
Emmens F. M. miner
Farrell Jonathan, miner
Farthing T. miner
Fife B. F. miner
Findlin John, miner
Fish Louis, miner
Fitz Gerald James, miner
Forward S. R, lumberman
Frasier J. C. miner
Friedlander S. merchant
Fullwiler A. miner
Furg W. miner

Games J. M. miner
Gardner Charles B. miner
Goodwin Henry, miner
Gregg John, miner

Haley J. miner
Hall R. M. miner
Hamby A. M. miner
Hani John, bootmaker
Harris Nathan, miner
Hattan John, miner
Henderson Oliver, miner
Hermann John, saloon keeper
Hermann Otto, miner
Herrick G. W. miner
Herrick James, miner
Hews Evan, miner
Hissington Reuben, miner
Histed D. E. miner
Hoofman Fred. miner
Houser C. B. miner
Hughes G. miner

Jamison S. M. merchant
Jarvis Augustus, teamster
Jennings R. S. miner
Johnson Christopher, saloon keeper
Johnson Thomas, miner
Johnson W. G. hotel keeper

Keeler O. ranchman
Keeler Chas. ranchman
Keeler Aaron, ranchman
Keiser John, hotel keeper
Keiser Sam’l, miner
Kirk Theodore, miner
Kates Pat. miner
Kerr Wm. miner
King Manuel, merch’t
Katurn Francisco, miner

Libert Frank, miner
Linenberg A. R. miner
Livingston Henry, miner
Lovell Rev. J. W. Methodist minister

Maines John, miner
Manly J. M. miner
Manning A. H. merchant
Mannion Larra, miner
Martin B. B. miner
Martin H. B. miner
McCauley A. miner
McClure Col. Wm. ditch proprietor
McClure Jas. C. clerk
McClure Samuel, teamster
McClure W m. H. miner
McDonald John, miner
McDougle Alex. miner
McGlinn B. miner
McGraw Dennis, miner
McIntosh Joseph, miner
MeKinna J. C. miner
Michaels G. A. butcher
Miller Fred. miner
Moore E. W. miner
Mora Manuel, miner
Morrill E. B. millman
Morrill H. C. millman
Morse B. T. carpenter
Mosslander Thos. miner
Moulton J. M. tinsmith

Raselle John, miner
Record John, miner
Riley Philip, miner
Rood D. miner
Rouarke Barney, miner
Rowland James, miner

Sanborn D. S. dairyman
Sanburn. J. L. tax collector
Sawyer M. ditch tender
Schaffer M. miner
Schall Jacob, miner
Scott John, miner
Sevey Eli, miner
Sheehe Pat. miner
Sheehe Tim. miner
Sherwood John, miner
Shirly E. P. miner
Silva Manuel, miner
Simon John, miner
Simpson E. B. miner
Simpson Wm. millman
Smith A. miner
Smith A. T. miner
Smith John N. miner
Snyder John, miner
Speedy Samuel, butcher
Stander Henry, miner
Stewart Wm. miner
Swett M. miner

Thomas Samuel, miner
Tracy John, miner
Trapton Chas. miner
Trask R. H. millman
Tubbs M. B. saloon keeper
Tyler C. miner

Vail John, miner
Vanberger Richard, miner
Vance Wm. M. miner
Viar McCage, miner
Vore Ed. miner

Wade Lem. miner
Ward Wm. miner
Wassen Wm. miner
Watkins W. miner
Welden Allen, miner
Welden Wm. miner
Werley A. ranchman
Werley Antoin, miner
Wetherbee J. B. miner
Winchester Wm. miner
Woodburn A. miner
Woodward E. P. miner
Woodward P. E. miner

Yager Fred. saloon keeper


Steele, R. J.; Bull, James P.; Houston, F. I. Placer County Directory of 1861. Placer County, California: Placer County Historical Society. 1861.

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