1861 Directory of Iowa Hill California

1861 Directory of Iowa Hill California

Able William, miner
Abrams Frank, miner
Ackerman J. miner
Adams Jonathan, miner
Alex C. miner
Allen Easten, miner
Allen L. T. butcher
Amisk Peter, miner
Anderson Andrew, miner
Anderson Nat, miner
Andrews N. P. miner
Angle J. D. livery stable keeper
Archie E. Z. miner
Armstrong R. J. miner
Arnold L. B .lawyer
Arnold Moses, miner
Arrington William, miner
Ashley R. M. miner
Atkinson H. S. miner
Atkinson Joseph W. miner
Ault A. J. miner
Austin George, miner
Austin James, miner
Ayer Osborn, miner

Backus Peter, baker
Baker J. ranchman
Ball J. miner
Bapp F. miner
Barney J. N. merchant
Barrenger T. miner
Barrett A. miner
Barton, John L. miner
Bawden H. miner
Bawley J. Q. A. miner
Beardsley J. H. miner
Benjamin Jacob, miner
Bennett D. C. miner
Bennett Josiah, miner
Bennett Leonard, miner
Bentley T. B. miner
Bently Samuel, miner
Bernadat J. E. miner
Bilden John, miner
Billington E. miner
Billington Jas. miner
Birch J. miner
Bird Frank, miner
Bisbee A. carriagemaker
Bisbee A. H. miner
Bisbee D. H. miner
Bisbee H. P. miner
Bisbee John G. blacksmith
Blackburn Isaac, miner
Blake F. miner
Blanchard Wm. miner
Blue Gilbert, miner
Blue Wm. miner
Bohannon P. M. miner
Booth Garrett, miner
Booth R. J. miner
Bounds T. W. clerk
Bowers Dan. miner
Boyden A. L. watchman
Bradwell Geo. miner
Breen Patrick, miner
Brenneman J. miner
Brensteder Wm. miner
Brightmore W. miner
Brooks Geo. G. miner
Brown Alfred, miner
Brown J. B. miner
Brown J. F. merchant, Wisconsin Hill
Brown J. R. ditchowner
Brown John, miner
Brown Philip, miner
Bruce Wm. miner
Buckhart Fred. miner, Wisconsin Hill
Bumgardener J. miner
Bumgardener Jacob, miner
Bumpus E. D. miner
Bumpus Peter, miner
Burnett O. miner
Bush Fred, miner
Byers J. miner

Call Patrick, miner
Calvin S. N. express agent
Camboy T. miner
Campbell Thos. miner
Canoboy M. miner
Capen Ed. miner
Carder J. B. hotel clerk
Carr John, miner
Carse John, miner
Carter S. miner
Caststeel F. L. miner
Caval Benj. miner
Cavanaugh P. miner
Caywood A. W. cook
Chittenden, W. S. miner
Christie W. F. miner
Chubb A. R. miner
Clark Charles, miner
Clark J. H. blacksmith
Clark S. H. saloon keeper
Clark Wm. miner
Claugh E. miner
Cole A. P. constable
Coleman Fred. boardinghouse keeper
Coleman J. C: miner
Colgan J. merchant
Conley J. J. miner
Conner L. T. miner
Conner T. miner
Conner Wm. miner
Cook J. M. miner
Cook John, cabinet maker
Cooper, S. H. miner
Cosgrove J. miner
Cosgrove M. miner
Crary W. miner
Cross W. T. miner
Cross Wm. T. miner
Crowley Henry, miner
Cucarr Louis, miner
Cullen Hugh, miner
Culp David, miner
Cummings J. F. ranchman
Currier J. B. hotel proprietor
Currier J. B. Jr. hotel clerk
Currier J. M. hotel clerk
Curtis Byron, miner

Dabney W. E. miner
Date Geo. ditchowner
Date Thos. ditchowner
Davenport William; miner
Davidson G. H. miner
Davis W. H. miner
Davis Z. J. carpenter
Davy P. miner
Daw J. C. P. clerk in store
Day Zeb. miner
Defindiner F. miner
Devinport J. A. stablekeeper
Dick John C. miner
Dixon N. miner
Dobey Madison, miner
Dodds James, merchant
Donaldson -E. M. miner
Douglas Wm. N. miner
Dudley C. C. lawyer
Dugan Patrick, miner
Dunn James, miner
Dunn William, miner
Dunnagan F. miner
Dunswiler J. miner

Eddings G. F. miner
Edwards Elias, miner
Eigenson Peter, miner
Eizler John, bootmaker
Engleman Chas. miner
Engles E. teamster
Erving Robert, miner
Esselberg Louis, miner
Esselman Geo. miner
Evans P. miner
Evans Philip, miner
Evans Philip, miner
Evans W. P. ranchman

Farrell J. O. miner
Ferguson S. C. miner
Ferrier G. W. miner
Fieldman J. miner
Fields V. T. miner
Findley John, miner
Findley William, miner
Fitzer S. C. miner
Flick At. miner
Flick C. miner
Flinn David, miner
Flint Levi, miner
Ford D. At. miner
Foster Walter, miner
Francis Geo. miner
Francis William, miner
Freeman J. G. miner
Fuller H. H. miner

Gamble A. miner
Gamble J. C. miner
Garlach Henry, miner
Garrity Owen, liquor merchant
Garrity Thomas, liquor merchant
Garvey J. S. miner
Gatins Barny, miner
Gets Jerome, miner
Gilbert A. T. miner
Gilbert Luke, miner
Gillespie James, miner
Glasscock A. B. musician
Gleason M. ranchman
Gleason Patrick, miner
Goodin W . E. miner
Goos N. miner
Gormerly ______, miner
Gottschalk C. miner
Gray D. M. lawyer
Green J. M. miner
Greenward G. miner
Gregory David, miner
Gwins W. miner

Hackett C. miner
Hackett G. W. miner
Haden M. miner
Hall I. A. miner
Hall Marshall, miner
Hall R. B. miner
Hall S. A. miner
Hall T. A. miner
Halloway P. miner
Hammon H. butcher
Hanse William, miner
Harper John, miner
Harrington N. miner
Harrman, _____, miner
Hart James, dairyman
Harvey J. C. miner
Harvill J. C. miner
Hatch George, clerk in store
Hausell W. A. merchant
Hawley Chris. miner
Haycock George, livery stable prop.
Hays J. miner
Heald Israel, miner
Hebbard G. W. painter
Hemmegan IL miner
Henson J. P. carpenter
Heskett A. H. expressman
Higgee William, miner
Hight John, miner
Hill Mrs. Adelia, ditch proprietress
Hinneman E. saloon keeper
Hoffman J. miner
Hogan J. miner
Hopkins E. L. miner
Hopkins Seth, miner
Hopkins T. C. miner
Hoppert Chris. miner
Hoppert John, collecting agent
Hubbell William, miner
Huff A. J. miner
Hull Isaac A. miner
Hungerford Charles, miner
Huston David, miner
Huvas Daniel, miner

Ingersoll D. miner
Inman H. miner
Irish S. L. miner
Irwin Robt. miner
Iserman Fritz, miner
Iserman Lewis, hotel keeper
Isler Andrew, shoemaker

Jackman A. miner
Jackson W. H. miner
James James, miner
James John, miner
Jamison James, barber
Jase Benjamin, miner
Jefferds Benj. miner
Jessup Wilson, miner
Johnson F. prop’r Eagle Bakery, Main St
Johnson Jno. cook, Empire Hotel
Johnson John, miner
Johnson W. P. clerk, Main St
Johnston J. R. miner
Joseph W. miner
Julian Nicholas, miner
Just T. P. miner

Keene James, miner
Kelly Frank, miner
Kiho Pat. miner
Kilgo Wm. blacksmith
Kilgore Andrew, miner
King J. N. butcher
King Morris, miner
Kingston Thos. miner
Kline Conrad, shoemaker
Knox J. W. miner

Lack L. lumberman
Lacky William A. miner
Laughlin Thomas, miner
Lawrence E. miner
Lawrence William D. miner
Leddill William, miner
Leighton A. miner
Leonard John G. miner
Lermond George, miner
Lingard Samuel, miner
Lipp W. P. miner
Little William, miner
Lodge Thomas, miner
Loomis H. miner
Love Charles T. miner
Lovejoy- E. P. miner
Luce George H. butcher
Luce J. B. miner
Luitzheizer – miner
Lyons W. B. druggist

Maddy F. M. miner
Makins J. N. miner
Makins Win. S. miner
McDonald J. D. miner
McKee Thos. miner
McLaughlin E. G. miner
Miller Joseph, miner
Mills J. miner
Mink Elijah, miner
Morse M. miner
Mundy Felix, miner

Nadger Fred. miner
Neff J. H. miner
Newbegin Chas. miner
Newbegin Jerry, miner
Noble David, Jr., miner
Noble David, miner
Noble Robt. miner

O’Riley Barney, miner
Odgers Thos. miner
Odges Jack, miner
Osborne Thos. miner
Otto L. miner
Overbaugh Joseph miner

Paine Jerry, musician
Parish C. H. miner
Patterson Thos. miner
Peiner Julius, miner
Peoples J. J. miner
Perkins J. miner
Perry Chas. miner
Perry W. B. miner
Peterson O. II. physician
Pool W. W. miner
Priest D. Q. miner
Priest J. L. miner
Pursely Jas. miner

Rady Lewis, miner
Rand Thos. B. ranchman
Rathburn J. miner
Ray M. miner
Reagan Dennis, miner
Reagan J. miner
Reagan T. miner
Reed Thomas, miner
Reno C. P. merchant, [Ind. Hill,]
Ricer J. miner
Rich J. J. miner
Rich W. C. miner
Richards I. W. miner
Richards Matthew, miner
Richardson E. H. miner
Richardson S. W. miner
Riley B. A. miner
Riley E. miner
Riley F. miner
Riley John, miner
Roach P. E. miner
Roberts H. W. hotel keeper
Roberts R. L. miner
Robertson James, miner
Robinson M. M. road proprietor
Rosenberg M. merchant
Ruthardt V. saloon keeper
Rutherford J. tanner
Rutherford J. W. miner
Ryan John, miner
Ryan Michael, ranchman
Ryan T. miner

Saul Andrew, miner
Saunders J. miner
Sayer L. miner
Schauer S. miner
Schlachter John, miner
Schmitt John, miner
Schwabacher L. merchant
Scott John, lumberman
Scott P. W. miner
Semmons C. W. miner
Shaw D. miner
Shaw Wm. miner
Shearer P. miner
Sheehon Pat. miner
Shemble T. miner
Shepherd J. G. butcher
Shepperd J. G. miner
Sherman V. miner
Sherrett W. C. miner
Sherridan Jas. miner
Shields W. miner
Sibley E. miner
Sibley P. H. lawyer
Simms Wm. miner
Simole T. M. miner
Simpson Sam’l, miner
Skellen H. F. miner
Smith A. miner
Smith H. C. miner
Smith J. M. miner
Smith L. F. miner
Smith N. miner
Smith N. T. merchant
Smith Nicholas, miner
Smitzer H. miner
Smitzer J. miner
Smitzer M. miner
Snitzer Louis, brewer
Solomon L. merchant
Sparks Jo. miner
Sparks R. miner
Sparrowhawk J. S. miner
Spencer E. miner
Spinney John, miner
Sprague C. L. miner
Steele John, jr. miner
Steele John, miner
Stephens F. A. miner
Stephens J. P. miner
Stephens J. W. blacksmith
Sterling J. miner
Stines W. R. miner
Stone A. J. musician
Stone G. D. miner
Stone James, toll-road prop.
Stone Levi, miner
Strassman Chas. merchant
Stratton Chas. miner
Strong T. miner
Stummel H. miner
Sullivan F. miner
Sullivan J. miner
Sullivan J. S. miner
Sullivan. J. miner
Swallenberg J. miner
Swoob N. miner
Sylvester H. miner

Waffle P. miner
Walsott U. S. miner
Warner J. E. miner
Wash W. miner
Waters J. M. miner
Watkins C. D. miner
Welsh James, miner
Wesegiver S. farmer
West J. miner
Wheeler James, miner
Wheeler M. ditch owner
Wiesler Wm. miner
Wigdon A. J. miner
Willard C. miner
Williams H. T. miner
Williams Joseph, miner
Williams P. miner
Willman Louis, miner
Wilson John, stage driver
Wilson P. miner
Winslow P. miner
Witt E. B. miner
Wood J. L. miner
Woods Geo. miner
Wookendoff Fred, miner

Young O. IL carpenter
Young S. M. miner


Steele, R. J.; Bull, James P.; Houston, F. I. Placer County Directory of 1861. Placer County, California: Placer County Historical Society. 1861.

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  1. Grandfather Mark E Poor mined there on claims with partners until about 1918. He married Emma Bartlett living in Grizzly Flat with Mr, and Mrs Hoskins proprietors of several businesses. In 1900 his later daughter-in-law’s grandfather Daniel Rafferty opened a short lived hotel. Soon moving to Fresno. In 1929. They both moved to Marysville where Mark’s son married Daniel’s daughter. Unknown if their families ever met.

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