Black Migration

A Century of Black Migration

Black Migration
Group of Florida Black migrants on their way to Cranberry NJ to pick potatoes.

In treating this movement of the blacks, the writer does not presume to say the last word on the subject. The exodus of the blacks from the South has just begun. The blacks have recently realized that they have freedom of body and they will now proceed to exercise that right. To presume, therefore, to exhaust the treatment of this movement in its incipience is far from the intention of the writer. The aim here is rather to direct attention to this new phase of Negro American life which will doubtless prove to be the most significant event in our local history since the Civil War

Many of the facts herein set forth have seen light before. The effort here is directed toward an original treatment of facts, many of which have already periodically appeared in some form. As these works, however, are too numerous to be consulted by the layman, the writer has endeavored to present in succinct form the leading facts as to how the blacks in the United States have struggled under adverse circumstances to flee from bondage and oppression in quest of a land offering asylum to the oppressed and opportunity to the unfortunate. How they have often been deceived has been carefully noted.

With the hope that this volume may interest another worker to the extent of publishing many other facts in this field, it is respectfully submitted to the public.

A Century of Black Migration TOC


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Woodson, Carter G. A Century of Negro Migration. Association for the Study of Negro Life and History. 1918.

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