Arkansas WW2 NMCG Casualty List – I-J Surnames

I Surnames

IBISON, Ben Junior, Seaman 2c, USNR. Father, Mr. George Ben Ibison, Route 2, Box 125, Fort Smith.

INGRAM, James Milton, Ship’s Cook 2c, USNR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Jackson Ingram, England.

IRVIN, John Robert Electrician’s Mate 2c, USN. Mother, Mrs. Mildred Wakely, Nashville.

ISLEY, Marvin Earl, Pfc., USMCR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alson M. Isley, Gen. Del., Gravette.

IZELL, Weldon Lee, Sgt., USMC. Father, Mr. Charles T. Izell, 2114 So. 16th St., Fort Smith.

J Surnames

JACKS, Williams Thomas, Jr., Lt., USNR. Wife, Mrs. Flossie Louise Jacks, Osceola.

JACKSON, Thomas Jefferson, Steward’s Mate 3c, USN. Aunt, Minnie McCoy, 634 Union St., Camden. (Later address, 624 Macillaraith St., Muskogen Heights, Michigan.)

JACKSON, Vernon Thompson, Motor Machinist’s Mate 2c, USN. Father, Mr. Jesse T. Jackson, 349 Cemetery St., Fayetteville.

JACOBSEN, Warren Douglas, Apprentice Seaman, USNR. Wife, Mrs. Betty Sue Jacobsen, Route 3, Little Rock.

JAGGER, Ziba Jefferson, Watertender 1c, USN. Father, Mr. Jefferson Jagger, Lowell.

JANISE, Vernon Lee, Ship’s Cook 3c, USN. Mother, Mrs. Ella Fuselier, Route 1, Hot Springs.

JANSEN, Joseph M., Pfc., USMCR. Mother, Mrs. Josephine Jensen, Gen. Del., Pocahontas.

JARRETT, C. L., Jr., Cpl., USMC. Wife, Mrs. C. L. Jarrett, Jr., Route 2, Box 294, Blytheville.

JARRETT, Guy Stephenson, Signalman 3c, USNR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Francis Jarrett, Hermitage.

JEFFERIES, Dan C., Cpl., USMC. Mother, Mrs. Jane Jefferies, 1310 Lexington, Fort Worth.

JENKINS, Elbert Wayne, Pharmacist’s Mate 2c, USNR. Father, Mr. Fuller Jenkins, 221 West Main St., Paragould.

JENKINSON, William Allen, Seaman 2c, USN. Wife, Mildred Jenkinson, Route 7, Box 559, Pine Bluff.

JACKSON, Cortes David, Fire Controlman 3c, USNR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cortes P. Jackson, 308 No. Jackson, El Dorado.

JIMERSON, Bernice Lea, Steward’s Mate 3c, USN. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Jimerson, Route 1, Box 26, Carthage.

JOHNS, Carl Oulan, Coxswain, USN. Father, Mr. Benjamin Harson Johns, Box 385, West Helena.

JOHNS, James E., Pfc., USMCR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Johns, 517 So. E St., Fort Smith.

JOHNSON, Gaines Rudell, Aviation Chief Radioman, USN. Mother, Mrs. Buelah Lee Johnson, 310 W. Washington Ave., Jonesboro.

JOHNSON, George Glen, Seaman 2c, USNR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. George B. Johnson, R. F. D. 1, Solgohachia.

JOHNSON, George Perry, Seaman 2c, USNR. Father, Mr. Jesse Johnson, Oark.

JOHNSON, John Maurice, Jr., Motor Machinist’s Mate 3c, USNR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Maurice Johnson, Sr., 1111 Chester St., Little Rock.

JOHNSON, Nathaniel Noble, Mess Attendant 1c, USN. Mother, Mrs. Virdia Johnson, 2619 E. 2nd St., No., Little Rock.

JOHNSON, Thomas Erwin, Jr., Gunner’s Mate 1c, USN. Wife, Mrs. Lucille Johnson, 4308 W. 28th St., Little Rock.

JOHNSON, William Morton, Pfc., USMC. Mother, Mrs. Myrtle Johnson, Box 495, England.

JOHNSTON, Edward Oneal, Seaman 1c, USN. Father, Mr. Charley Floyd Johnston, Route 1, Helena.

JOHNSTON, Gale Howard, Gunner’s Mate 3c, USNR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Johnston, Batesville.

JONES, Jesse Rayford, Pfc., USMC. Father, Mr. Richard I. Jones, Crossett.

JONES, Leland, Seaman 1c, USN. Father, Mr. Hobert Sam Jones, Route 1, Jacksonville.

JONES, Nuel Armstrong, Seaman 2c, USN. Father, Mr. James Garland Jones, Route 1, Mountainburg.

JONES, Thomas Levi, Torpedoman’s Mate 3c, USN. Wife, Mrs. Iwilda Winegar Jones, 2217 Rock St., Little Rock.

JONES, Orland D., Sgt., USMC. Wife, Mrs. Orland D. Jones, c/o S. O. Jones, Clinton.

JORDAN, Robert Marion, Seaman 2c, USNR. Wife, Mrs. Lala Irene Jordan, 128 Porter, Batesville.

JUDD, Perry Isaac, Seaman 2c, USNR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Perry J. Judd, 232 Columbia, Helena.

Department of the Navy. Bureau of Naval Personnel. State Summary of War Casualties from World War II for Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. Item from Record Group 24: Records of the Bureau of Naval Personnel.

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