Records of the Revolutionary War

Did your ancestor serve in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary war? This manuscript contains the names of many of those officers and enlisted men who served in the various engagements of the War of Revolution.

Title:Records of the Revolutionary War: containing the military and financial correspondence of distinguished officers: names of the officers and privates of regiments, companies, and corps, with the dates of their commissions and enlistments; general orders of Washington, Lee, and Greene, at Germantown and Valley Forge, with a list of distinguished prisoners of war, the time of their capture, exchange, etc., to which is added the half-pay acts of the continental congress, the revolutionary pension laws, and a list of the officers of the continental army who acquired the right to half-pay, commutation, and lands
Author:Saffell, William Thomas
Publication date:1894
Publisher: Baltimore, MA : Charles C. Saffell
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Contributor:Ohio State University Library
Repository:Internet Archive
Records of the Revolutionary War
Records of the Revolutionary War 3


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