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Korean War Casualty List

The National Archives and Records Administration prepared these Korean War casualty lists by creating extracts from the military casualty data files in the Records of the Office of the Secretary of Defense (Record Group 330). The lists are based on the “home of record – state” data provided by the serviceman or woman upon last entrance into military service. “Home of record” does not necessarily refer to the place of birth, residence of next of kin, place of longest residence, or other common uses of the term “hometown.”


Korean War Casualty List

Korean War,


5 thoughts on “Korean War Casualty List”

  1. Hello,
    There was a fire that destroyed papers on several service men.
    My father-in-law was one of these individuals.
    Anyways, the National Archives has only Partial Information on my father-in-law.
    PFC Richard E. Boyer, USA Regular Army
    Light Weapons Infantryman
    From: Los Angeles, CA
    Wounded: South Korea
    Korean War on 2 Feb. 1951
    Unit: 1st Cavalry Division, 8th Cavalry Regiment

    1. My brother was in the Army stationed in Alaska and was accidentally shot and killed by another Army soldier on Jun 2, 1952. I have been told his records were destroyed in the fire. Where can I find out more about this “fire”?
      Clarence Roland Carlsen, Jr

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