1832 Creek Census – Cussetaw Town

By a treaty of March 24, 1832, the Creek Indians ceded to the United States all of their land east of the Mississippi River. Heads of families were entitled to tracts of land, which, if possible, were to include their improvements. In 1833 Benjamin S. Parsons and Thomas J. Abbott prepared a census of Creek Indian heads of families, which gave their names and the number of males, females, and slaves in each family. The entries were arranged by town and numbered; these numbers were used for identification in later records. This is the census for the town of Cussetaw.

1832 Creek Census - Cussetaw Town

Cussetaw01Ne har Micco56415principal chief
Cussetaw02Tus ke he ne haw Choo ley1113principal chief
Cussetaw03Ar par lar Tus tun nuck ee3205principal chief
Cussetaw04Is far ne E marth lar3407principal chief
Cussetaw05Oke fus ke Yo ho lo2507principal chief
Cussetaw06Tuck a batch ee Har jo1315principal chief
Cussetaw07E far E marth lar241117principal chief
Cussetaw08Cus se tau Micco2103principal chief
Cussetaw09Mic co Chartee1203principal chief
Cussetaw10Eas tee Charco Chopko1102principal chief
Cussetaw 101Ko sar Ho po e thle2204
Cussetaw 102Thlar sar way1203
Cussetaw 103Mary1102wife of Joseph Wheeler
Cussetaw 104Amanda1102wife of James Callahan
Cussetaw 105Tus tun nuck ee1405
Cussetaw 106Wil se2103
Cussetaw 107E marth lar Har jo2406
Cussetaw 108In te narse ho ye2103
Cussetaw 109Po sul le2204
Cussetaw 110Ne har Thlock o1304
Cussetaw 111Mis ke Yar te he1203
Cussetaw 112Weketar1102
Cussetaw 113HiarYarkar1102
Cussetaw 114Sally111517wife of Fieldin Scroggins
Cussetaw 115May o ke0112
Cussetaw 116Sal lar ke2406
Cussetaw 117Polly Fitzgerald1203
Cussetaw 118Kot tar thlar (or Joseph Brown)2103
Cussetaw 119Tarse ho ke1102
Cussetaw 120Thlock o E chee3306
Cussetaw 121Had kis Har jo3205
Cussetaw 122Moos ke2103
Cussetaw 123Paddy Carr253542
Cussetaw 124Fanny Lovett013031
Cussetaw 125Lit ho ke0112
Cussetaw 126Ar swe lar ke0112
Cussetaw 127Scin tar thle2103
Cussetaw 128Ko chus se1203
Cussetaw 129Ko no Yar hi kar2103
Cussetaw 130War so ho le1102
Cussetaw 131We lar coo chee1102
Cussetaw 132Mul lo mi ke2103
Cussetaw 133Joseph Carr132125
Cussetaw 134Sar ko ye che1304
Cussetaw 135Tar ko che pe4206
Cussetaw 136Si key1203
Cussetaw 137Sar ho to sey2103
Cussetaw 138Par hose Fix i co1102
Cussetaw 139Mit te che1102
Cussetaw 140Is far ne E marth lar1203
Cussetaw 141Lucy Mims1102
Cussetaw 142Har pe1102
Cussetaw 143Cho full war1102
Cussetaw 144Hum har ke1203
Cussetaw 145Har wok ho ke1102
Cussetaw 146Ho nith lar te0202
Cussetaw 147Sar kar par le1203
Cussetaw 148Thle par le1102
Cussetaw 149Sat te lo ye1102
Cussetaw 150Full kar1203
Cussetaw 151Kun char tee3104
Cussetaw 152Me le ho cho1304
Cussetaw 153No wur2204
Cussetaw 154Ar pe ka Tus tun nuck ee1102
Cussetaw 155Ar tus Har jo2103
Cussetaw 156Har par1102
Cussetaw 157Ar tar ye1406
Cussetaw 158Sow war ne2215
Cussetaw 159Ar lum mar1102
Cussetaw 160Ho tal ke Tus tun nuck ee1203
Cussetaw 161Tus sin ne4105
Cussetaw 162Far Micco2204
Cussetaw 163William1102son of Efar Emarthlar
Cussetaw 164Fal lin ni che (or Old Tom)4206
Cussetaw 165Saf fo li ye (or Skiney)1102
Cussetaw 166Mun char ye1203
Cussetaw 167Thlar he che1102
Cussetaw 168Ke ni he0202
Cussetaw 169Lo puk kar1102
Cussetaw 2070Oke fus ke Tus tun nuck ee1102
Cussetaw 2071Har har lock Har jo1102
Cussetaw 2072Saf fo lo ke2204
Cussetaw 2073Tul ka Fix i co4105
Cussetaw 2074Tal war Tus tun nuck ee2103
Cussetaw 2075Sce ho Kay2103
Cussetaw 2076Ne har Har jo5308
Cussetaw 2077Yar ta kar Har jo1304
Cussetaw 2078No cose Il le1102
Cussetaw 2079Hul le1203
Cussetaw 2080Thlar ye2305
Cussetaw 2081Sar po ke5106
Cussetaw 2082Ar kin ar way1102
Cussetaw 2083Wool li kay3306
Cussetaw 2084O mi yi che2204
Cussetaw 2085Nart tar1102
Cussetaw 2086He tup pe2103
Cussetaw 2087Pe le lar2103
Cussetaw 2088Mic co Fix i co1102
Cussetaw 2089Ho sar Yo ho lo1102
Cussetaw 2090Che wasti Micco3508
Cussetaw 2091Mic co Had ke1102
Cussetaw 2092Chum I yar ke2204
Cussetaw 2093Sar ho par ye3003
Cussetaw 2094Kar zo nar1102
Cussetaw 2095To no kay2103
Cussetaw 2096Cho Fix i co1102
Cussetaw 2097See mar lar1102
Cussetaw 2098Noke far Yo ho lo1102
Cussetaw 2099Cho fe Har jo1102
Cussetaw 2100Tul se Har jo2305
Cussetaw 2101Tat ho lo1102
Cussetaw 2102Lete Kar1102
Cussetaw 2103Fut che2305
Cussetaw 2104Ko ne pe E marth lar1203
Cussetaw 2105Fast er2305
Cussetaw 2106Te he char1102
Cussetaw 2107Ar we he ke1102
Cussetaw 2108Ho ni che1102
Cussetaw 2109Tim ar lar ko e che1203
Cussetaw 2110Jenny0202
Cussetaw 2111Sfar ne Fix i co3104
Cussetaw 2112Tio po sich e2103
Cussetaw 2113Sar par key0202
Cussetaw 2114Sal lart key1102
Cussetaw 2115Al tee kar3205
Cussetaw 2116Mis se1102
Cussetaw 2117Ko to lar4307
Cussetaw 2118Klar its ho ye1102
Cussetaw 2119Ar lock o e che2305
Cussetaw 2120Ar war he1102
Cussetaw 2121Benny1102
Cussetaw 2122Me te hose2204
Cussetaw 2123Oh ho mo li ke1203
Cussetaw 2124Ar harth ley1102
Cussetaw 2125So ko yi kay0202
Cussetaw 2126Scehokechee3205
Cussetaw 2127Klarse har we1102
Cussetaw 2128Slin cha me le ke2204
Cussetaw 2129Oke chun Har jo3104
Cussetaw 2130Tal le he char1102
Cussetaw 2131Har pe thlar1102
Cussetaw 2132Tom my Har jo (alias Mo ko ke)3306
Cussetaw 2133Chis kot choo ley2103
Cussetaw 2134Yo ho lo Chopko3104
Cussetaw 2135Saf fo lote ho ke3306
Cussetaw 2136Eu pok ko lo ti ke2204
Cussetaw 2137Sow we lar ke1203
Cussetaw 2138No cose Yo ho lo2305
Cussetaw 2139Wi ke2103
Cussetaw 2140Wox e Ho lar tar4408
Cussetaw 2141Tal mar se1102
Cussetaw 2142Fix i co Har jo3306
Cussetaw 2143Mar fo lo te1103
Cussetaw 2144Kar pik char E marth lar4105
Cussetaw 2145Nar chu me4408
Cussetaw 2146Ko zis te1203
Cussetaw 2147Dick Spiller1102
Cussetaw 2148Tul gis kar Micco2103
Cussetaw 2149Oke fus ke Micco2204
Cussetaw 2150Ar tus E marth lar4307
Cussetaw 2151No cose Har jo1102
Cussetaw 2152Thlath lo E marth lar4307
Cussetaw 2153Is te char ho we1102
Cussetaw 2154Klar he che1203
Cussetaw 2155Sammy1203
Cussetaw 2156Cus se taw Har jo3104
Cussetaw 2157O che se Micco3205
Cussetaw 2158E karse Har jo1203
Cussetaw 2159Kotch ar Micco2103
Cussetaw 2160Ho li che (alias Sarah)0145
Cussetaw 2161Har yok kup pe1102
Cussetaw 2162Oke e lis sar2103
Cussetaw 2163Al pet ter2103
Cussetaw 2164Kun had ke Micco1304
Cussetaw 2165Har u pose kar2305
Cussetaw 2166Spoke oke Har jo2204
Cussetaw 2167Ar li che1203
Cussetaw 2168Is far ne Har jo2305
Cussetaw 2169Yel kar Har jo1203
Cussetaw 2170Har lot te2103
Cussetaw 2171Te war totch e4408
Cussetaw 2172No cho wer1102
Cussetaw 2173Sow wi he ke3306
Cussetaw 2174To kul le1102
Cussetaw 2175Kun tal le1102
Cussetaw 2176Peak ho li gey1203
Cussetaw 2177Pe fart ke3104
Cussetaw 2178Le ti ke2103
Cussetaw 2179E to te1102
Cussetaw 2180Fose hatch ee Tus tun nuck ee1102
Cussetaw 2181Lit ko tar yar1102
Cussetaw 2182Tarseheyar1405
Cussetaw 2183Yar har E marth lar2305
Cussetaw 2184Mis te kar ye2305
Cussetaw 2185We ke tar ke1102
Cussetaw 2186Sok ko li che1102
Cussetaw 2187Oke chi Yarholo1102
Cussetaw 2188Sar hul le1102
Cussetaw 2189Tom my E marth lar1102
Cussetaw 2190Scar che3104
Cussetaw 2191Smar he2305
Cussetaw 2192Sow won ney2204
Cussetaw 2193Cho ko lar key1203
Cussetaw 2194Ho thlar ser1203
Cussetaw 2195Its har pe1102
Cussetaw 2196Is te mar char nar1102
Cussetaw 2197Ko far3306a Euchee
Cussetaw 2198Yot so1203a Euchee
Cussetaw 2199Yike no nay3104a Euchee
Cussetaw 2200Te mo se har73010
Cussetaw 2201Yar har Har jo1102
Cussetaw 2202E kar sar me2103
Cussetaw 2203Kun Char tee E marth lar3104
Cussetaw 2204We lay kar pe1102
Cussetaw 2205Ne har Tus tun nuck ee2204
Cussetaw 2206So ko yi ye1102
Cussetaw 2207Tol ofe Har jo1102
Cussetaw 2208Ar tote kar1102
Cussetaw 2209See ap e li che1102
Cussetaw 2210Kar tar par2002
Cussetaw 2211Yar te kar2002
Cussetaw 3212Tus tun nuck ee Har jo1304
Cussetaw 3213Par hoseYo ho lo3407
Cussetaw 3214Po kar1203
Cussetaw 3215Ar starch kar1102
Cussetaw 3216Ne har Thlock o Har jo1405
Cussetaw 3217Charse Har jo3306
Cussetaw 3218Mar me1102
Cussetaw 3219Mis te kar ye1304
Cussetaw 3220Mic co Har jo1102
Cussetaw 3221Loom he1102
Cussetaw 3222Ho lo char ke1102
Cussetaw 3223Kar pik char Tus tun nuck ee2204
Cussetaw 3224Wick ey0202
Cussetaw 3225Ye ho e thlar1203
Cussetaw 3226Chick e larf kar1102
Cussetaw 3227Lo chope kar1203
Cussetaw 3228Mi ar ke1203
Cussetaw 3229Kar yo kar2103
Cussetaw 3230Che nar we1102
Cussetaw 3231Tom my1102
Cussetaw 3232Lar ho we2103
Cussetaw 3233Mo thlo kar2103
Cussetaw 3234Is te Me char1102
Cussetaw 3235Is far neYo ho lo2305
Cussetaw 3236Kis se lar1102
Cussetaw 3237Fe no ye1102
Cussetaw 3238Yarficcar1102
Cussetaw 3239O soo che Yo ho lo2002
Cussetaw 3240Im po nar ye1203
Cussetaw 3241Pik ko li gay2103
Cussetaw 3242Mar tow ar1102
Cussetaw 3243Nar nok o me0202
Cussetaw 3244Ar swok kar1102
Cussetaw 3245Ho yar hi ke3104
Cussetaw 3246Wi ke tar1203
Cussetaw 3247Si ye chi che0202
Cussetaw 3248So har le che0202
Cussetaw 3249Futs har ke1304
Cussetaw 3250Har lock Har jo1203
Cussetaw 3251Pin kar le1102
Cussetaw 3252Ko air1304a Euchee
Cussetaw 3253Sar how Yay1304a Euchee
Cussetaw 3254Lin te1304
Cussetaw 3255Hitch e tee E marth lar (alias Toney)3104
Cussetaw 3256No ka gey2103
Cussetaw 3257He Ho tay1102
Cussetaw 3258Nar ho thle kay0202
Cussetaw 3259San o che2204
Cussetaw 3260Te mar sar yay3104
Cussetaw 3261Sar ko e che1102
Cussetaw 3262Fose Har jo1102
Cussetaw 3263Billy Barnett2103
Cussetaw 3264Kun tal E marth lar2305
Cussetaw 3265Lose e tar nee1405
Cussetaw 3266So ke lar pi ke3205
Cussetaw 3267Ar stim fi e che1102
Cussetaw 4268Nehar Hung co se4408
Cussetaw 4269Ho tese Har jo2103
Cussetaw 4270Tus co nar E marth lar4004
Cussetaw 4271Tal war Tustunnuckee1203
Cussetaw 4272Salch e me che1203
Cussetaw 4273Yar to war Har jo1304
Cussetaw 4274Tow wi ke4105
Cussetaw 4275Ko tun ne1304
Cussetaw 4276Ti e chi che1102
Cussetaw 4277E lo se1102
Cussetaw 4278Charley1102
Cussetaw 4279Ho mar li ke3104
Cussetaw 4280E wun nar2002
Cussetaw 4281Ho to lo key2204
Cussetaw 4282Yolth kar1203
Cussetaw 4283So mi ho ye4105
Cussetaw 4284Har wo like1203
Cussetaw 4285Ting kar te hi1203
Cussetaw 4286Kite1203
Cussetaw 4287Ko ho sark e1203
Cussetaw 4288Low skey0303
Cussetaw 4289Ho ho yite te4206
Cussetaw 4290Sal le char ke1203
Cussetaw 4291Ho mar hi te2103
Cussetaw 4292Har wy he che1506
Cussetaw 4293Ke se he lar2204
Cussetaw 4294Fot/Fol char1405
Cussetaw 4295Ul kar1203
Cussetaw 4296Sok te hi ke1102
Cussetaw 4297Tal le de ga1102
Cussetaw 4298Te tar2103
Cussetaw 4299Ke lis sar Har jo7108
Cussetaw 5300Ne har Thlock o1102
Cussetaw 5301Tol o war Micco1102
Cussetaw 5302Mic co Yo ho lo2204
Cussetaw 5303Ok ti ar che E marth lar2305
Cussetaw 5304Cus se taw Har jo2103
Cussetaw 5305Hitch e tee Tus tun nuck ee1102
Cussetaw 5306Ko sar Micco1102
Cussetaw 5307Yo ho lo E marth lar2103
Cussetaw 5308O che Har jo1304
Cussetaw 5309Ne har Yo ho lo1203
Cussetaw 5310Mic coo che1203
Cussetaw 5311Kotch ar Yo ho lo1203
Cussetaw 5312Tommy Har jo1203
Cussetaw 5313Wok sok Har jo3407
Cussetaw 5314Mis te har ke2103
Cussetaw 5315Oke chun Yo ho lo1203
Cussetaw 5316E marth loo che2204
Cussetaw 5317Cho co te Ne har2103
Cussetaw 5318Al per1102
Cussetaw 5319Cho cote Yo ho lo1102
Cussetaw 5320Tol o war Har jo1102
Cussetaw 5321Sow um ke1203
Cussetaw 5322To par Char tee1102
Cussetaw 5323Har fuck che Micco2103
Cussetaw 5324Yar pe (a Euchee)2204
Cussetaw 5325Tuck a batch ee Har jo1102
Cussetaw 5326Par hose Har jo2204
Cussetaw 5327Tul marse Har jo3104
Cussetaw 5328O yun ne pe1102
Cussetaw 5329Mi not tar1102
Cussetaw 5330Ar so nuck Tus tun nuck ee2103
Cussetaw 5331Ar sa mar1102
Cussetaw 5332So fote ke1102
Cussetaw 5333Cho cote Har jo2202
Cussetaw 5334Me suk ke1102
Cussetaw 5335Kar le1102
Cussetaw 5336Har par lar Har jo1102
Cussetaw 5337Fe no ke1102
Cussetaw 5338Fose hatch ee Yo ho lo3205
Cussetaw 5339Is tin ho pi er2204
Cussetaw 5340Se te pi ke1102
Cussetaw 5341Kar sar nar1102
Cussetaw 5342Ko tar he1102
Cussetaw 5343Thlock up ar1102
Cussetaw 5344Yi che po ke1102
Cussetaw 5345Ti yar he1102
Cussetaw 5346Ko lo me Marth lar1102
Cussetaw 5347Thlar wo lar1102
Cussetaw 5348He thlock o E chee2103
Cussetaw 5349Ar nar cho mar1102
Cussetaw 5350Pe fart ke1203
Cussetaw 5351Sal lo ster1102
Cussetaw 5352Pe lay2204
Cussetaw 5353Sally1203
Cussetaw 5354Low pooch ke1102
Cussetaw 5355Te far ho e thle1102
Cussetaw 5356Nin nar hay char1203
Cussetaw 5357In tar ney1203
Cussetaw 5358War tar pa chay1203
Cussetaw 5359Me se le0202
Cussetaw 5360To thle ko0303
Cussetaw 5361Tar ne chay0202
Cussetaw 5362To ko thlar0202
Cussetaw 5363Is mo ma chey1102
Cussetaw 5364Mar he che2103
Cussetaw 5365Hoke tow che1203
Cussetaw 5366Tum key1102
Cussetaw 5367Ko sar poke te1102
Cussetaw 5368Ar le konk yar nay1203a Euchee
Cussetaw 5369Tim e ho tay2103a Euchee
Cussetaw 5370Charlt he nay1304a Euchee
Cussetaw 5371Tus tun nuck coo che2002
Cussetaw 5372Choke char tin e har3003
Cussetaw 5373Kin hi che2406
Cussetaw 5374Mar hal kar1102
Cussetaw 5375William Low3407
Cussetaw 6376Yar te kar Tus tun nuck ee3407
Cussetaw 6377Tom my Micco1113
Cussetaw 6378Thlath lo Tus tun nuck ee2204
Cussetaw 6379Satch e mi ke2316
Cussetaw 6380Che was ti Fix i co2136
Cussetaw 6381E marth lar Yo ho lo1102
Cussetaw 6382Fuck e Lus tee2204
Cussetaw 6383Yo ho lo Char ne1102
Cussetaw 6384Al pet ter E marth lar4105
Cussetaw 6385E marth lar Hadke4408
Cussetaw 6386Tus se ki ar Har jo2204
Cussetaw 6387Thlath lo E marth lar2103
Cussetaw 6388Kotch ar Har jo1506
Cussetaw 6389Tol o war Har jo4206
Cussetaw 6390Sfar ne E marth lar3306
Cussetaw 6391To fo ke2103
Cussetaw 6392No cose Har jo1203
Cussetaw 6393Sal le ti ke1304
Cussetaw 6394Se nar (Grayson)1102
Cussetaw 6395Ki se Lar nee1102
Cussetaw 6396Cho me chi che1203
Cussetaw 6397Cho lar Fix i co (alias Dan'l Asbury)1203
Cussetaw 6398Cho cote Yo ho lo1102
Cussetaw 6399Le gey1203
Cussetaw 6400Ho mi he char1102
Cussetaw 6401Sar yar3205
Cussetaw 6402Pon nar ker1102
Cussetaw 6403Kun char tee1102
Cussetaw 6404Mic co1102
Cussetaw 6405Klar pose kar1102
Cussetaw 6406Cho ney1102
Cussetaw 6407Si ar1102
Cussetaw 6408E ne ho che2204
Cussetaw 6409Sal lo ster1102
Cussetaw 6410Cho ke Lar nee4105
Cussetaw 6411Star chock kar thle2103
Cussetaw 6412E ne har Fix i co2002
Cussetaw 6413Oas par tar ke1102
Cussetaw 6414Ne har thlock o2002
Cussetaw 6415Dick y1113
Cussetaw 6416Ste mi sar ke1102
Cussetaw 6417Sal lar te1102
Cussetaw 6418Te me se pe1103
Cussetaw 6419Tus tun nuck Ho thle po ya2002
Cussetaw 6420Tar po lar1102
Cussetaw 6421Mar tul key1102
Cussetaw 6422Ste mar te hi ke1102
Cussetaw 6423Sce to1102
Cussetaw 6424Ste mar ho ye3003
Cussetaw 6425Tar se yo1102
Cussetaw 6426Hul le1102
Cussetaw 6427Low se Thlock o1203
Cussetaw 6428Ti a key1214
Cussetaw 6429Sal lar ke1102
Cussetaw 6430Billy (Grayson)1102
Cussetaw 6431Low sey1102
Cussetaw 6432Lar te cho yar1102
Cussetaw 6434Full ho e che1113
Cussetaw 6435Har pealth kar1102
Cussetaw 6436Pah lo cho ko lo2002
Cussetaw 6437Sim me1102
Cussetaw 6438Te lo sti ge1102
Cussetaw 6439Yi ye2002
Cussetaw 6440Te kul kar1102
Cussetaw 6441Par hoseYo ho lo2002
Cussetaw 6442Ho nile te1102
Cussetaw 6443Saf far yi ke1102
Cussetaw 6444Sar har che2002
Cussetaw 6445No co fi te0202
Cussetaw 6446Stil le pi ka Char tee2002
Cussetaw 6447Pul sey2103
Cussetaw 6448Liz ey2103
Cussetaw 6449Mart ley2103
Cussetaw 6450Polly1102
Cussetaw 6451Tin har kar2204
Cussetaw 6452Sally1102
Cussetaw 6453So thle ko1203
Cussetaw 6454Se mar war0202
Cussetaw 6455Niche (or Hokolose)0202
Cussetaw 6456Kiche2002
Cussetaw 6457Ko e ho ke1102
Cussetaw 6458Ste mar po wi ke1102
Cussetaw 6459Char ne1203
Cussetaw 6460Ko loom me2204
Cussetaw 6461Ko her se E marth lar2305
Cussetaw 6462In lum mar ley3205
Cussetaw 6463Ho thli che0202
Cussetaw 6464Yar har E marth lar1102
Cussetaw 6465Ko lar2002
Cussetaw 6466So mi ye2204
Cussetaw 6467Sing kar ke1203
Cussetaw 6468Sim fo lo ke1103
Cussetaw 6469Tom my thlock o1203
Cussetaw 6470Lar nar0202
Cussetaw 6471Te mar lit te0303
Cussetaw 6472Robert Rogers1203a Cherokee missionary
Cussetaw 7473Char lis se Tus tun nuck ee1102
Cussetaw 7474Kar fe (or Coffee)3205
Cussetaw 7475Fose hatch ee E marth lar1102
Cussetaw 7476Ko har Thlock E marth lar2303
Cussetaw 7477Efar Tustunnuckee1102
Cussetaw 7478Cho lo ke Har jo1102
Cussetaw 7479Che le tar le1203
Cussetaw 7480Yo ho lo Har jo2305
Cussetaw 7481Che loke Yo ho lo5106
Cussetaw 7482Cho cote Har jo1102
Cussetaw 7483Checosey1304
Cussetaw 7484Tul li he char2204
Cussetaw 7485Fose Hatch ee Micco1203
Cussetaw 7486Mox e mi chi che1203
Cussetaw 7487Kotch ar Tus tun nuck ee2305
Cussetaw 7488Ko wok koo che3104
Cussetaw 7489Tol o war Har jo2305
Cussetaw 7490Towarlikar1102
Cussetaw 7491E charse Yo ho lo3205
Cussetaw 7492Tin tar che1102
Cussetaw 7493Shat tar thli ke1102
Cussetaw 7494Tar thlum me2103
Cussetaw 7495Pin Har jo1102
Cussetaw 7496Klar sar te2305
Cussetaw 7497Choo lar Fix i co1102
Cussetaw 7498Cus se taw Har jo1203
Cussetaw 7499Ko sar Yo ho lo3104
Cussetaw 7500Kar pic char Har jo1102
Cussetaw 7501Ho spar tar ke E marth lar1304
Cussetaw 7502Har fo lo te che2103
Cussetaw 7503Cus se taw Fix i co2305
Cussetaw 7504Har koo ni che1203
Cussetaw 7505No cose E kar3205
Cussetaw 7506Yar kin har Micco1102
Cussetaw 7507Ko we Har jo2204
Cussetaw 7508Har pi uk Har jo1102
Cussetaw 7509Te me thlar1102
Cussetaw 7510Washington2103
Cussetaw 7511Ko lar1102
Cussetaw 7512So tay1102
Cussetaw 7513Hil la bee Har jo1102
Cussetaw 7514Che was ti Har jo1203
Cussetaw 7515Thlath lo Har jo2103
Cussetaw 7516No cose Fix i co1203
Cussetaw 7517Tul se Har jo3104
Cussetaw 7518Chis kar li kar3104
Cussetaw 7519Har kit te Yo ho lo2709
Cussetaw 7520Har kealth kar1203
Cussetaw 7521Se mar he chi ke1102
Cussetaw 7522Eu foo li ke2103
Cussetaw 7523Sin ti ho ke1102
Cussetaw 7524Har kun ne1102
Cussetaw 7525Kar pik char Fix i co2002
Cussetaw 7526Tul wi ke1102
Cussetaw 7527Eu fau la Har jo1102
Cussetaw 7528Tote kis Har jo2103
Cussetaw 7529Staf fok o lo ti key1102
Cussetaw 7530E mar to ko1102
Cussetaw 7531Pe fart ho e che1102
Cussetaw 7532Lucy1102
Cussetaw 7533No cose E kar Chopko1102
Cussetaw 7534War ker Nuf kar1102
Cussetaw 7535Katey1203
Cussetaw 7536Polly2305
Cussetaw 7537Tim po e che1102
Cussetaw 7538Is ko e che1102
Cussetaw 7539Ar ko e ke0202
Cussetaw 7540Full ho e che1102
Cussetaw 7541Sce po ke0303
Cussetaw 7542Fun fuck e1102
Cussetaw 7543Sar che kar lar fi kay0202
Cussetaw 7544Har ho pi ye1102
Cussetaw 7545Sap pe ley1304
Cussetaw 7546Chock ey1203
Cussetaw 7547Ho to sey1102
Cussetaw 7548Mar key1102
Cussetaw 7549Chock ko ho ye0202
Cussetaw 7550How war li gey0202
Cussetaw 7551Sut tin heelth key1102
Cussetaw 7552Poke tuck e1203
Cussetaw 7553Har thlar kar3104
Cussetaw 7554Sok ko nar he1102
Cussetaw 7555Sce to ho lar ti ke1102
Cussetaw 7556Sow wi key1102
Cussetaw 7557Yar to we che0102
Cussetaw 7558Sar hok kar1102
Cussetaw 7559Si? ye har tar1102
Cussetaw 7560Se? mo ka pe1102
Cussetaw 7561Ho ko se1102
Cussetaw 7562Tarse keek Har jo1102
Cussetaw 7563Sce ho char che2103
Cussetaw 7564Choke fo li ye1203
Cussetaw 7565Har ho ye pe1102
Cussetaw 7566E schow we1101
Cussetaw 7567Si ar ho1203
Cussetaw 7568Yo po1102
Cussetaw 7569Sok kar che1102
Cussetaw 7570Nick ey1102
Cussetaw 7571Le char kar1102
Cussetaw 7572Ar too e chi1102
Cussetaw 7573Sin e char0303
Cussetaw 7574Harparlar Har jo3104
Cussetaw 7575Thlar no che1102
Cussetaw 7576Tar pley1102
Cussetaw 7577Thlar nuck e1102
Cussetaw 7578Sap po ke1102
Cussetaw 7579Fos ter1203
Cussetaw 7580Notch kar ye0202
Cussetaw 7581Yoolth ho e che (or Sally)1203
Cussetaw 7582Ho ne char ke1102
Cussetaw 7583Har har Lok o lar ter1102
Cussetaw 7584Tote kar Har se1102
Cussetaw 7585To low1102
Cussetaw 7586Ho le ti kay1102
Cussetaw 7587No cose ille (or Charley)1102
Cussetaw 7588Yar mar se1102
Cussetaw 7589Ko chus se E marth lar2406
Cussetaw 7590Nancy0202
Cussetaw 7591Yo motche kar1102
Cussetaw 7592Si/Li ke te che1102
Cussetaw 7593Nar se to ye (or Lucy)1102
Cussetaw 7594Se fo li ke1102
Cussetaw 7595Yar to ko2204
Cussetaw 7596Ki yar ke1102
Cussetaw 7597Chock full kar2002
Cussetaw 7598Sin thlar he1102
Cussetaw 7599No cose Yo ho lo1102
Cussetaw 7600Te mar li che2103
Cussetaw 7601Jackson1102
Cussetaw 7602E ne he Mar thloo che1102
Cussetaw 7603Jimey Holloway1102
Cussetaw 7604Har sik ke1102
Cussetaw 7605Klarse e chee2103
Cussetaw 7606Thlar ta che0202
Cussetaw 7607Sfar ne Tus tun nuck ee1203
Cussetaw 7608Ho ko e kar1102
Cussetaw 7609Tal mar se2204
Cussetaw 7610Sis to thle1102
Cussetaw 7611Se ker1102
Cussetaw 7612Tarse ho1102
Cussetaw 7613Su pok ar lar ti ke2002
Cussetaw 7614Tum tar ke1102
Cussetaw 7615Ke nar1102
Cussetaw 7616Yar har E marth lar1102
Cussetaw 7617Te nar kar (or Sam McIntosh)1102
Cussetaw 7618William Moore3407
Cussetaw 7619Se mi ke (or Mary)0202
Cussetaw 7620Anne0202



Hall, Lance L. Parsons and Abbott Roll.

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