1832 Creek Census – Arbiccooche Town

By a treaty of March 24, 1832, the Creek Indians ceded to the United States all of their land east of the Mississippi River. Heads of families were entitled to tracts of land, which, if possible, were to include their improvements. In 1833 Benjamin S. Parsons and Thomas J. Abbott prepared a census of Creek Indian heads of families, which gave their names and the number of males, females, and slaves in each family. The entries were arranged by town and numbered; these numbers were used for identification in later records. This is the census for the town of Arbiccooche.

1832 Creek Census - Arbiccooche Town

Arbiccooche1Cub bitche che Har jo1506
Arbiccooche2Clo cus co Micco3204
Arbiccooche3Cob biech char Micco1203
Arbiccooche4Oak fus ka Micco1102
Arbiccooche5Cha woc ca la Micco1203
Arbiccooche6O gillis Micco3104
Arbiccooche7Ne har loc co Har jo1102
Arbiccooche8Oak fus ka Har jo2204
Arbiccooche9Tul ge E marth lar3104
Arbiccooche10Coo sar Fix i co2103
Arbiccooche11Oak fus ca che Micco4105
Arbiccooche12Fo lote Har jo2305
Arbiccooche13Oak choy Har jo2204
Arbiccooche14Coo sar Har jo3306
Arbiccooche15Al lo way Har jo1102
Arbiccooche17Fit tal li ga1203
Arbiccooche18Con hart Emarthlo che1304
Arbiccooche19I spanny Har jo2406
Arbiccooche20Pow hos Yo ho lo2103
Arbiccooche21Tal war Har jo1304
Arbiccooche22Tal marsey2103
Arbiccooche23Coth bo boe gar??3104
Arbiccooche24Wox si Har go2305
Arbiccooche25Lif tif Har jo3104
Arbiccooche26Ko nip Har jo1203
Arbiccooche27Alla bud der4105
Arbiccooche28Cotch Yarholo2305
Arbiccooche29Yar har1304
Arbiccooche30Tal marse Har jo2103
Arbiccooche31His Auga1203
Arbiccooche32Sar war ney Har jo2204
Arbiccooche34Is fi ga1102
Arbiccooche36Che har ne2103
Arbiccooche37Fit tar Har jo1102
Arbiccooche38Is fanny E marth lar3104
Arbiccooche39Ne har marth lo che1102
Arbiccooche40Mic co Yo ho lo2204
Arbiccooche41Ne har locco1102
Arbiccooche42In ne har co choke co ne1203
Arbiccooche43In ne har lic co che1102
Arbiccooche44Sit ta wi ga3104
Arbiccooche45Oak choy2103
Arbiccooche46Ottis ho bie1102
Arbiccooche47Ki e marlth Har jo4105
Arbiccooche48Chan ne ke1203
Arbiccooche49Cle wath la Har jo2103
Arbiccooche50Ar sar hie1203
Arbiccooche51I lick char1203
Arbiccooche52Chis se Micco2204
Arbiccooche53Ar loc Har jo1304
Arbiccooche54Ne he mar ta Micco2204
Arbiccooche55Oak chon Har jo1203
Arbiccooche56Pow hos E marth lar1203
Arbiccooche57Chan ne he2103two of same name
Arbiccooche58Ich hos Har jo1304
Arbiccooche59Ne he Yo ho lo1304
Arbiccooche60Tus sick kie1304
Arbiccooche61Toth Yar kie1203
Arbiccooche62Con chart Yo ho lo1304
Arbiccooche63Is fi ho ka1102
Arbiccooche64Tar ful hoak key1102
Arbiccooche65No cus Har jo2204
Arbiccooche66Oc te ar che E marth lar3205
Arbiccooche67Tal li se Tustanuggy2204
Arbiccooche68O Gil lis in ne har1304
Arbiccooche69Ar loc Fix i co2204
Arbiccooche70Is farney Fix i co2103
Arbiccooche71Tas ke ne har1102
Arbiccooche72E here3104
Arbiccooche73Ho Tul ga Har jo1405
Arbiccooche74Sug ge nar1203
Arbiccooche75Cho fe Micco3104
Arbiccooche76Te un gar1203
Arbiccooche77No ko silla Har jo2204
Arbiccooche78Fal in niche1102
Arbiccooche79Co e gus Yo ho lo1203
Arbiccooche80Tom marth Har jo2103
Arbiccooche81Im me ter3104
Arbiccooche82Char to Har jo2204
Arbiccooche83Spoak oak Har jo2103
Arbiccooche84Ar chule Har jo2204
Arbiccooche85O co we ah2204
Arbiccooche86Im bo a di ga1102
Arbiccooche87So Lock ka??1304
Arbiccooche88Echo mie1203
Arbiccooche89Is tim mee hun got ta0303
Arbiccooche90Sock lo di ga1203
Arbiccooche91Hoak te charte key2204
Arbiccooche93Tus ke ge5207
Arbiccooche94Co woc ko Har jo2204
Arbiccooche95Tal marse E marth lar2103
Arbiccooche96Ottis Fix i co1405
Arbiccooche97Hil lubba Har jo1405
Arbiccooche98Cho fe E marth lar1203
Arbiccooche99Mic e gar0202
Arbiccooche100O sooch E marth lar1203
Arbiccooche101Tus ke ge21032nd of same name
Arbiccooche102E marth lar2103
Arbiccooche103Min nar kie1203
Arbiccooche104Ya fi ga0303
Arbiccooche105As fo li ga0404
Arbiccooche106Co e gus Har jo4307
Arbiccooche107No ko hatch E marth lar2204



Hall, Lance L. Parsons and Abbott Roll.

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