Topic: Township Justices of the Peace

Athens Township Justices of the Peace 1814-1868

1814-John L. Lewis, Abel Miller, Henry Bartlett. 1817-Henry Bartlett, Stephen Pilcher. 1829-Reuben J. Davis, A. G. Brown. 1835-A. G. Brown. 1836-Henry Bartlett. 1838-Abram Van Vorhes. 1842-Henry Bartlett. 1844-Norman Root. 1849-A. G. Brown. 1848-Sumner Bartlett. 1850-H. K. Blackstone, Enoch Cabeen. 1851-Daniel S. Dana. 1852-Norman Root. 1853-Daniel S. Dana, Jacob T. Stanley. 1855-Oscar W. Brown. 1856-Norman Root, Deloro Culley. 1858-William Golden, William Loring Brown. 1859-Norman Root. 1861-William Golden, William Loring Brown. 1862-Norman Root. 1864-C. R. Sheldon, William A. Thomas, William L. Brown. 1865-Norman Root. 1867-G. W. Baker, O. W. Brown, H. C. Martin. 1868-W. A. Thomas.