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Fort Gibson in 1875

Establishment of Fort Gibson in 1824

By Act of Congress of March 2, 1819, Arkansas Territory was established July 4, embracing substantially all of what are now the states of Arkansas and Oklahoma; though the civil government of Arkansas Territory was limited to that section lying east of the Osage line, divided into counties, and embracing approximately the present state of Arkansas. That west of the Osage line was the Indian country, and in later years became known as Indian Territory. James Miller 1James Miller was born in Peterboro, N. H., April 25, 1776; entered the array as major in 1808, became Lieutenant-colonel in 1810, and


Will the Real Sequoya Please Stand Up?

Will the Real Sequoya Please Stand Up? The preponderance of biographical information online and published in manuscripts concerning Sequoyah conflicts. Author Richard Thornton jovially delves into the conflicting information and tries to establish the true identity of this man called the “inventor of the Cherokee Alphabet.”

Genealogy of the Cherokee Sequoyah Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information Sequoyah 11 Sequoyah. Sallie and U-ti-yu 1112 Teesey Guess. U-ti-yu and Rebecca Bowles A29 2 George Guess* OK 3 Polly Guess. Flying and Thomas Brewer 4 Richard Guess* _______ 5 E-ya-gu Guess. George Starr 6 Ooo-loo-tsa Guess* 7 Gu-u-ne-ki Guess. Sixkiller 111213 George Guess. Girty 2 Richard Guess* OK 3 Joseph Guess* _______ 4 Sallie Guess. William Foster or Tu-noo-ie 5 Joseph Guess* 6 Catherine Guess. Joseph Downing 113213 Annie Flying. Joseph Griffin 115213 Joseph Starr* 117213 Araminta Sixkiller 11121314 Mary Guess. George Mitchell and Andrew Russell. 2 Guess 11124314 Susie Foster. Levi