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Choctaw Citizenship Litigation, Names A -Z

List of Mississippi Choctaw Indians in whose behalf scrip was issued under the provisions of the act of Congress of August 23, 1842 (5 Stat. L., 513), in lieu of land to which they were entitled under article 14 of the treaty of September 27, 1830 (Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek) (7 Stat. L., 333-335). A Names A-be-ha-ya A-bon-wa-te-mah A-cha-i-a-tubbe A-cha-la A-che-ho-ka A-hath-la A-he-ah-tubbee A-hu-ta A-low-a-ho-nah A-mah A-num-brilla A-o-nah-ha-mah A-po-la-tubbee A-to-ni-cubbee A-ya-to-na Ab-a-wa-la Ab-be-bo-ka Ab-be-coo-chah Ab-be-ish-ti-yah Ab-cha-kab-hoo-nah Ab-cha-pa-ho-nah Ab-che-ah-so-nah Ab-che-tubbe Ab-chuk-ma-tubbe Ab-chunk-ma-ho-ka Ab-he-ho-nah Ab-ho-tu-nah Ab-it-ti-yah Ab-man-to-lah Ab-moon-pis-ah-cha (or He-tuck-loo-ab) Ab-no-la-che-mah Ab-no-la-tubbe Ab-noo-tom-be Ab-pa-la-ho-nah Ab-pa-sa-tam-he Ab-pa-sam-la (or Pa-samlee) Ab-pa-san-tubbe Ab-take-ah-ho-nah Ab-to-be-tubbe