Pascagoula Indians

Pascagoula Tribe: “Bread people.” Also called: Mfskigula, Biloxi name. Pascagoula Connections. They were probably Muskhogeans although closely associated with the Siouan Biloxi. Pascagoula Location. Their earliest known location was on the river which still bears their name, about 16 French leagues from its mouth. (See also Louisiana and Texas.) Pascagoula Villages. Unknown, but see Biloxi.

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The Paskagula, Moctobi, and Chozetta Indians

The Paskagula (Pascagoula) and Moctobi tribes are mentioned by Iberville in 1699 as living on Pascagoula river near the coast of Mississippi, associated with the Biloxi, each of the three tribes, although but few in numbers, having its own village. As the French settlement on Biloxi bay was made in that year, this date probably

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