Kansa Indian Gentes

The Kansa gentes as given by Dorsey (15th Rep. B. A. E., 230, 1897) are: Manyinka (earth lodge) Ta (deer) Panka (Ponca) Kanze (Kansa) Wasabe (black bear) Wanaghe (ghost) Kekin (carries a turtle on his hack) Minkin (carries the sun on his back) Upan (elk) Khuva (white eagle) Han (night) lbache (holds the firebrand to …

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Kansa Tribe

Kansa Indians. A southwestern Siouan tribe; one of the five, according to Dorsey’s arrangement, of the Dhegiha group. Their linguistic relations are closest with the Osage, and are close with the Quapaw. In the traditional migration of the group, after the Quapaw had first separated therefrom, the main body divided at the month of Osage …

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