Down in the Hills o’ Brown County

“Down in the Hills o’ Brown County,” written by Frank M. Hohenberger provides a historical overview of Brown County, Indiana, highlighting its development from the early 19th century to the mid-20th century. The source initially details the county’s early economic activities, including salt mining, agriculture, and the establishment of mills and infrastructure. It then traces the emergence of Brown County as an artists’ colony, emphasizing the role of nature in attracting artists to the area. The source delves into the history of local newspapers, offering a glimpse into the evolution of media and communication in the county. Furthermore, it explores various aspects of Brown County’s cultural identity, touching upon topics such as gold prospecting, pottery making, tourism, and the preservation of traditional crafts like weaving. Through its accounts of early settlers, prominent figures, and anecdotes reflecting local life, “Down in the Hills o’ Brown County,” aims to capture the unique character and heritage of Brown County.

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