Genealogy of John Howe of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts

The compilation of this Howe Family Genealogy is due to the researches of Judge Daniel Wait Howe of Indianapolis, Indiana. Begun many years ago, the greater part of the work was done by him and under his supervision. It proved to be a stupendous task and involved much labor and expense. Originating in a desire to make a short record for his children, the work gradually expanded, taking in all known descendants of John How of Sudbury and Marlborough and later welcoming with equal care and research the other lines; and, in fact, all material relating to the name of Howe.

James R. Worsley

Yeoman 2nd Class (Navy); of Edgecombe County; son of W. H. and Mrs. Lula Worsley. Entered service June 15, 1918, at Norfolk, Va. Sent to Hampton Roads, Va. Served on U. S. S. Susquehanna, doing transport duty. Made four trips across. Mustered out at Newport News, Va., Feb. 19, 1919.

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