Bentleysville was a rural community of three hundred persons in southwestern Pennsylvania in 1868. It had grown around a mill that Sheshbazzar Bentley Junior and Senior operated on the southern branch of Pigeon Creek. Its history is short because as a country village it existed less than a century. The events are substantially in chronological order, beginning with the settlers over the mountains in 1750 and ending after the Centennial in 1916.

Biographical Sketch of W. A. Sharpnack

W.A. Sharpnack, dealer in general merchandise, is a native of W. Va., and a son of Henry Sharpnack, who was one of the first settlers of Harrison County. He came to this county in 1857 and engaged in farming, until 1878, when he engaged in his present business. He also deals in grain.

Biographical Sketch of W. M. Sharpnack

W.M. Sharpnack, dealer in hardware, is a native of Va.; came with his father, John Sharpnack, to Washington County, Ia., in 1850, and four years later came to Harrison County, and engaged in farming until 1880, when he moved to Modale and engaged in his present business.

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