Surname: Olmsted

1894 Michigan State Census – Eaton County

United States Soldiers of the Civil War Residing in Michigan, June 1, 1894 [ Names within brackets are reported in letters. ] Eaton County Bellevue Township. – Elias Stewart, Frank F. Hughes, Edwin J. Wood, Samuel Van Orman, John D. Conklin, Martin V. Moon. Mitchell Drollett, Levi Evans, William Fisher, William E. Pixley, William Henry Luscomb, George Carroll, Collins S. Lewis, David Crowell, Aaron Skeggs, Thomas Bailey, Andrew Day, L. G. Showerman, Hulbert Parmer, Fletcher Campbell, Lorenzo D. Fall, William Farlin, Francis Beecraft, William Caton, Servitus Tucker, William Shipp, Theodore Davis. Village of Bellevue. – William H. Latta, Thomas B.

Biographical Sketch of George H. Olmsted

Olmsted, George H.; insurance; born, La Grange, O., Sept. 21, 1843; son of Jonathan and Harriet A. Sheldon Olmsted; educated, district school, Elyria High School, Eastman Business College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., graduate; married, Saybrook, O., Oct. 24, 1872, Ella L. Kelly; one daughter, Grace S., one son, Harvard; taught school three winters in Ohio and Wisconsin; entered insurance business in 1867; built up the large fire insurance business of George H. Olmsted & Co., and The Ohio & Indiana State Agency of Olmsted Bros. & Co.; being the largest agency in the United States of The National Life Insurance Co.

Biography of Robert Ward Olmsted

A good mental and physical equipment, unflagging energy, and temperate habits have been leading factors in the elevation of Robert Ward Olmsted, from a poor boy, dependent upon his own resources, to the honored position of judge of Rock Island County. Born on a farm in Edgington Township, Rock Island County, Illinois, May 6, 1868, he became almost, if not quite, self-supporting at the tender age of thirteen, and though employed early and late for the greater part of each succeeding year of his youth, he cultivated studious habits, and by close application to his books, both in and out

Biography of Ensign Percy Napier Olmsted

Ensign Percy Napier Olmsted U.S.N., the only one of all Oregon’s naval caret appointments surviving the various vicissitudes of Annapolis. Appointed naval cadet for Oregon in 1887 by Hon. Binger Herman, he succeeded in closing the academic course in command of the second company of cadets. Served two years in Honolulu harbor, and was all intimate acquaintance of President Dole and family while there. Commissioned Ensign by President Cleveland in 1895 and assigned to New York harbor for a time as instructor. From there assigned to the South Atlantic squadron, and given the position of acting flag lieutenant of the

Biographical Sketch of Judge M. L. Olmsted

There is probably no member of the legal profession better or more favorably known throughout Eastern Oregon than is the subject of this sketch. by reason of his long and imitate acquaintanceship with its leading mien and active participation in all matters of public import that have tended to advance the interests of this section of the state. His enterprise and integrity have made for him friends in all classes of society, and his name is a synonym for honesty and industry. Judge Olmsted served with distinction during the civil war, in the third division of the 12th Army Corps.