Surname: Liegler

Biography of John H. Liegler

John H. Liegler, who for fifteen years has engaged in law practice in Racine, having been admitted to the bar in 1899, has made steady progress in a profession where advancement depends entirely upon individual merit, effort and ability. Racine numbers Mr. Liegler among her native sons. He was born March 12, 1874, his parents being John and Fanny (Pollock) Liegler. The former was a son of John Liegler, who was born in Bohemia and was of French descent, the ancestry being traced back in Bohemia to the year 1730. It was in 1854 that the grandfather crossed the Atlantic

Biography of William H. Liegler

William H. Liegler engages in the plumbing business in Racine, his native city, and was born July 19th, 1877, son of Frank and Nettie (Frich) Liegler, both of whom were born in Bohemia near Prague. The father came to the United States when about. six or seven years of age and established his home in Racine. Some years afterward he engaged in the hardware business in which he continued for many years but about seven years ago retired and is now enjoying a well earned rest. Both he and his wife are residents of Racine. In this city William H.