Surname: Knipe

Biography of Rev. William Knipe

Rev. William Knipe is one of the few surviving participants in the war with Mexico, which was fought nearly seventy years ago. Many other interesting distinctions attach to this venerable and useful resident of Kansas. He was one of the pioneer Methodist missionaries in Jackson County, Kansas, and is one of the very oldest members of the Methodist Conference. He was also a soldier of the Civil war and few men who live so long succeed in compressing so much useful service to humanity within a lifstime. His birth occurred in a log house in Wayne County, Indiana, September 28,

Biography of Charles A. Knipe

Charles A. Knipe, a pioneer farmer of Oklahoma, who is residing near Bartlesville, was born in Jackson county, Kansas, August 24, 1864, his parents being William and Lucy Ann (Brennan) Knipe. The father was a pioneer of Kansas and died in May, 1920, at the advanced age of ninety-two. The mother is also deceased. Their son, Charles A. Knipe, came to Oklahoma the year before it was opened up for settlement; taking up his residence on the George Keeler farm, on Keeler creek, in Washington county, where he remained for a year and then removed to his present place of