Surname: Hargrave

Biography of Glen Hargrave

E. G. Hargrave is a son of Harvey Hargrave, whose name has been mentioned In this history. He was born in the state of Indiana in the year. 1839. He came to Texas with his father in the year 1842. He was, therefore, only three years old at the time. He has been raised in Hopkins County and has lived continuously in the county since 1845. He married Miss M. E. Chapman, daughter of Benjamin Chapman, in the year 1857. This union is a happy one. They have had ten children born to them. Eight of these children are living.

Biography of Howard Hargrave

Howard Hargrave was born in the state of Indiana in the year 1840. It was in the city of Booneville that he first saw the light of day. His parents migrated to the state of Texas in the year 1843. Howard was therefore three years of age. His father settled at old Sulphur Bluff with the rest of the Hargrave family. At this infantile age Howard remembers many incidents that took place under his observation when the first mill was erected, the first blacksmith shop, the first wagon and wood shop, in fact was an eye witness to the upbuilding