Surname: Gosnold

The Pinnis Arrives at Chesapeake Bay

A True Relation Of Such Occurrences, and accidents of note, as has happened in Virginia, since the first planting of that colony, which is now resident in the south part there of, until he has returned. Indeed Sir 1There is no clue given to the person to whom this narrative is addressed., commendations remembered. You shall understand that after many crosses in the downs by tempests, we arrived safely upon the southwest part of the Great Canaries, within course of five days after we set sail for Dominica, the 26 of April, the first land we made, we fell with

True Relations – Supplies Run Short

Captain Newport having set things in order, set sail for England the 22nd of June 1The date of Newport’s sailing is wrongly given in the “Generall Historie” as the 15th. He sailed a week later, the 22d; and this date in the text is confirmed by Percy, and by the writer in the “Relatyon”., leaving provisions for thirteen or fourteen weeks. The day before the ships departure the king of Pamaunkey sent the Indian that had met us before in our arrival, to assure us peace, our fort being then laid out round, and all our men in good health