Surname: Goheen

Biography of William Lenley Goheen

William Lenley Goheen is publisher of the Holyrood Banner and also the Galatia Register, two papers of extensive circulation and large influence in Ellsworth and Barton counties. Mr. Goheen is a veteran of the printing trade and it is doubtful if any Kansas printer or newspaper man had had a more varied and eventful experience. Much of his life had been spent in the service of that typical American institution, the traveling circus, and as a press agent he had covered nearly every town and city of the United States. Mr. Goheen, who was born at Moweaqua, Illinois, July 25,

Biography of Samuel Fremont Goheen

Samuel Fremont Goheen. When the City of Manhattan inaugurated the commission form of government in 1912 they chose as the head of the new municipal system a man who had already given efficient service in public office. The people have since kept him in office, and it is to the credit of the city as well as to the man that so capable a public servant as Samuel Fremont Goheen should be entrusted with such responsibility. Mr. Goheen has been a resident of Riley County more than thirty years, has witnessed and has been an important factor in the progress