Surname: Gehrt

Biography of John E. Gehrt

John E. Gehrt. Upon the success and welfare of the cultivators of the soil rests the true destiny of any nation. Nowhere does the agricultural element represent such qualities of business success and energy as in Champaign County, and one of the men who have claimed this county as their home and have gained unusual fruits from their effort is Mr. John Gehrt, whose home is in section 33 of Harwood Township. Mr. Gehrt is a native of Stark County, Illinois, a son of John M. and Catherine (Best) Gehrt. Both parents were born in Germany, came in early youth

Biography of Julius M. Gehrt

Julius M. Gehrt has been successfully identified with Champaign County agriculture for a number of years, and is the owner and proprietor of a fine farm in section 33 of Harwood Township, near the village of Dillsburg. Mr. Gehrt was born at Lawn Ridge, Illinois, a son of John M. and Catherine (Best) Gehrt. His parents were both born in Germany, came to America in early life, were married in this country and the father is still living, at the ripe age of eighty-three, on his farm in Stark County, Illinois. The mother is now deceased. Julius M. Gehrt was