Surname: Cape

Biography of James Cape, Sr.

In taking up the history of James Cape, Sr., we present to our readers the life record of a substantial citizen whose well directed efforts brought to him all of the success which he enjoyed. His was an active and useful life and his record illustrates what can be accomplished when perseverance and determination point out the way. He was a native of England, where his parents lived and died. He was reared in that country, was married there and in 1853 came to the United States, landing at New York city. He had learned the trade of shoemaking in

Biography of James Cape

James Cape, occupying a prominent position in municipal organization as chief of the Racine fire department, was called to his office on the 1st of June. 1900, and his splendid qualifications for the position are seen in the fact that he has been for forty years in fire department service. He was born in New York City, January 3, 1855, a son of James and Elizabeth (Jones) Cape, both of whom were natives of Bristol, England, whence they came to the United States in 1853. The father was a shoemaker by trade and for about two years was employed in