Tsimshian Tribe

Tsimshian Indians, Tsimshian  People, Tsimshian First Nation (‘people of Skeena river’). The most important of the three main divisions of the Chimmesyan linguistic family, and that which gives it its name. In the strictest sense it designates the following closely related tribes or divisions living between Nass and Skeena rivers, north British Columbia: Kilutsai, Kinagingeeg, Kinuhtoiah, Kishpachlaots, Kitlani, Kitsalthlal, Kitunto, Kitwilgioks, Kitwilksheba, and Kitzeesh. To these are sometimes added the Kitzilas and Kitzimgaylum, who live farther up Skeena river, near the canyon, but speak the same dialect. The appellation has also been extended to cover all other tribes speaking this dialect, viz, the Kitkahta, Kitkatla, and Kittizoo, who live on the islands southward. The divisional names given are also names of the ancient towns. To these may be added the following modern towns: New Kitzilas, Metlakatla (New and Old). Port Essington, and Port Simpson. Population in 1908 (including 465 enumerated in Duncan’s colony, Alaska, in 1900,) 1,140.

The name for this division has been so often extended to include other branches of it that some of the synonyms may have a similar extension.


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  1. hello, my Great Grandmother was born in this tribe Tsimshian . in the year her name is Annie Williams her sister is Mary Williams the two were born in the late 1800’s they moved tow Washington St. early in their years. there is no information on the family’s history. any body have any info? Thank you

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