Oklahoma Land Patents – Shawnee Tribe

Oklahoma Land Patents – Shawnee Tribe

DateDoc. #Accession #
ALFORD, THOMPSON26/11/1909102550-0991895
BEAVER, ELLA08/09/1908147208-0811676
BOURBONNAIS, JOHN21/07/1913345048347740
CRUSOE, ROBERSON29/10/1908150164-0825380
FOREMAN, ELI21/01/1909197623-0841863
FORMAN, ELI21/01/1909197623-0841863
FRENCH, JOHN22/05/191175180-10200813
LITTLE-JIM, ELLA08/09/1908147208-0811676
LOGAN, CHESTER26/11/1909111173-0991903
SNAKE, JOHN E23/05/191027627-10131557
SNAKEMAN, ELBERT23/05/191027627-10131557
STARR, CHARLEY03/01/1914382342374739
THOMPSON, SAMUEL E21/07/1913345049347741

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  1. my great great grand father name is bush rod weger and my great grand mother is bertha weger pygott , my grandmother is reta pygott pugh i know my great grandmother is from shawnee cushing okalhoma area . im looking into the heredity of my family . please help me. I have look on ancestry.com cannot find anything on them. so that tells me they are native americans. which most of my family members are. please help me so i can put a family tree togather for my grandchildern and be able to show them their bloodlines. and let them be proud.

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