Location: Tangipahoa Parish LA

Tangipahoa Indians

Tangipahoa Tribe: Meaning probably “corncob gatherers,” or “corncob people.” Tangipahoa Connections. The name of this tribe and its affiliations with the Acolapissa indicate that it belonged to the southern division of the Muskhogean stock. Tangipahoa Location. Probably on the present Tangipahoa River, Tangipahoa Parish. Tangipahoa History. The original home of the Tangipahoa seems must have been as given above, and their relations with the Acolapissa must been very close, for Iberville was informed by some Indians that they constituted a seventh Acolapissa town. In 1682 La Salle’s party discovered a town on the eastern side of the Mississippi, 2 leagues  below

Louisiana Cemetery Records Tangipahoa Parish

Louisiana Cemetery records are listed by county then name of cemetery within the Louisiana county. Most of these are complete indices at the time of transcription, however, in some cases we list the listing when it is only a partial listing. Following Cemeteries (hosted At Tangipahoa County, Louisiana Tombstone Transcription Project) Albany Missionary Baptist Church Alfred Stevens Cemetery Amacker-Kent Cemetery Amite City Cemetery A’s & B’s C’s & D’s E’s – G’s H’s – K’s L’s & M’s N’s – R’s S’s & T’s U’s – Z’s Amite Memorial Gardens Antioch Cemetery Arcola (Arcola-Roseland) Cemetery (Story of Cemetery and Church)