Location: Sorel Canada

Narrative of the Captivity of Quintin Stockwell – Indian Captivities

Quintin Stockwell, Who was taken at Deerfield, in Massachusetts, by a Party of Inland Indians, in the Year 1677; Communicated in his own Words, and Originally Published by the Eminent Dr. Increase Mather, in the Year 1684. A particular account of the interruption in which Stockwell and others fell into the hands of the Indians will be found in the Book of the Indians, Book iii, p. 97 and 98. Out of twenty-four at that time killed and taken, we learn the names only of these; Quintin Stockwell, John Root, Sergeant Plimpton, Benjamin Stebbins, his wife, Benjamin Waite, and Samuel

1851 Sorel, or William Henry Canada Directory

The Village And Parish of Sorel, or William Henry, are situated in the Seigniory of Sorel, County of Richelieu, C. E. distant from Montreal, 45 miles usual steamboat fare, 5s. Population 6646. In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work. Alphabetical List Of Professions, Trades, &C. CREBASSA, JOHN G., notary, mayor of Sorel, King st. HARROWER, ROBERT, steamboat and insurance agent, George st. O’NEILL, HUGH, Victoria hotel, Queen at. PELOQUIN, MADAME ALEXIS, hotelkeeper, Queen st. SEWELL, DR. E. Q., physician and surgeon, George st. Non Members Allard, Jean B., blacksmith, Augusta