Location: Randolph County GA

Martin Cemetery, Randolph County, Georgia

Located in lower part of the 5th District of Randolph County on the east side of a paved farm-to-market road approximately one mile southwest of the point where this road crosses Pachitla Creek at a location known as Fountain Bridge. Olliff, Bartie Nov. 1889 – 3/25/1904 Martin, Lula E 7/10/1858 – 4/20/1924 Olliff, John L 6/17/1856 – 1/11/1900 Olliff, Thomas Bradley 2/7/1891 – 12/18/1897 Martin, Sarah J 1/26/1831 – 5/8/1902 Martin, George W 1/3/1829 – 10/24/ 1916 Martin, C N 7/23/1869 – 12/13/1913 Saxon, Margaret J 1/26/1823 – 9/25/1865 Nancy J Saxon 7/1/1844 – 9/11/1863 James M Saxon, 4/24/1839 –

Slave Narrative of Angeline Lester

Interviewer: Frank M. Smith Person Interviewed: Angeline Lester Location: Youngstown, Ohio Place of Residence: 835 West Federal Street Story and Photo by Frank M. Smith Ex-Slaves Mahoning County, Dist. #5 Youngstown, Ohio The Story of MRS. ANGELINE LESTER, of Youngstown, Ohio. Mrs. Angeline Lester lives at 836 West Federal Street, on U.S. Route #422, in a very dilapidated one story structure, which once was a retail store room with an addition built on the rear at a different floor level. Angeline lives alone and keeps her several cats and chickens in the house with her. She was born on the

Native American History of Randolph County, Georgia

Randolph County is located in southwest Georgia. It was named after John Randolph of Virginia, a prominent Congressman and spokesman for states rights during the late 1700s and early 1800s. The county seat of Randolph County is the town of Cuthbert. Randolph County is bounded on the north by Stewart County, GA. On the southeast, it is bordered by County and southwest by Clay County. The county’s western boundaries are formed by the Quitman County. On the east it is bordered by Terrill County, GA. On the northeast, it is bordered by Webster County, GA Geology and hydrology Randolph County

Slave Narrative of Taylor Gilbert

Interviewer: Alfred Farrell Person Interviewed: Taylor Gilbert Location: Titusville, Florida Age: 91 Occupation: Farmer Taylor Gilbert was born in Shellman, Georgia, 91 years ago, of a colored mother and a white father, “which is why I am so white”, he adds. He has never been known to have passed as White, however, in spite of the fact that he could do so without detection. David Ferguson bought Jacob Gilbert from Dr. Gilbert as a husband for Emily, Taylor’s mother. Emily had nine children, two by a white man, Frances and Taylor, and seven by Jacob, only three of whom Gilbert