Location: Pryor Oklahoma

Biographical Sketch of Mrs. Robert Miller

Nellie Anderson, born Feb. 9, 1884, educated, locally. Married at Pryor April 21, 1903 to Robert Miller, born January 18, 1879 in Mayes County, Oklahoma. They are the parents of: Tip Bluford, born December 31, 1905; Martha LaVaughn, born April 29, 1908, and Roberta M. Miller, born June 2, 1912. Rufus Anderson, born February 27, 1853, in Illinois. Married in 1877, Melvina Wayburn, born January 27, 1859.

Biographical Sketch of George W. Mayes

(See Adair, Gant and Foreman) —George Washington Mayes, born in Going Snake District, November 21, 1848 educated in the Cherokee National schools, married April 18, 1872 Susie Emory Martin, born July 25, 1854. They were the parents of: Tip Cicero, born June 1, 1873; Carrie B., born June 16, 1875; Pixie A., born Jan­uary 31, 1879; Edward T., born July 18, 1884 and Richard C. Mayes, born April 20, 1887. Mr. Mayes is a successful farmer and stockman. He lives on the location of the Captain Nathaniel Pryor farm which was settled before 1820 and is the oldest farm in

Biographical Sketch of Mrs. J. S. Jones

(See Foreman).— Mary Elizabeth Dege, born in Atlanta, Georgia, October 30, 1881, educated at Pryor and Female Seminary. Married Oct­ober 5, 1907, J. S. Jones, D. D. S. They are the parents of James Staunton, born January 5, 1909; Mary Pauline, born July 7. 1911 and Helen Mercedes Jones, born September 13, 1913. Dr. Jones is a graduate of the Southern Dental College of Atlanta, Georgia. He was a volunteer in the World War and was stationed at Camp Greenleaf, was commissioned a First Lieutenant and transferred to Camp Mills, N. Y. Received his discharge on January 21, 1919. He

Biographical Sketch of Edwin Harley Barton

Barton, (See Grant, Downing, Oolootsa, Foreman and Ghigau)—Edwin Harley Barton, born Aug. 8, 1890 at Baptist in Going Snake District, educated at Pryor, Chelsea and Tahlequah; graduated from Sweeney’s Automobile School in Kansas City, Mo. Married November 4, 1911 Bonnie E. daughter of John B. and Rachael F. Heflin. Edwin H. and Bonnie E. Barton are the parents of Frances Mae Barton, born November 12, 1912. Mary Vans Lashey, born in 1862, married September 6, 1888 Frederick Spencer Barters, born September 8, 1851 in Piqua, Miami county, Ohio. He died April 2, 1921. They were the parents of Edwin Harley

Biographical Sketch of John F. Blake

Blake, John F.—John Fenlon Blake, born September 4, 1894, educated at Pryor. Enlisted in the World War at Camp Travis, Texas, September 22, 1917. Assigned to the 90th Division, 344th Machine Gun Battery, was in the St. Mihieh and Argonne Forest offensives and after the Armistice was in the Army of Occupation. He was discharged at Camp Pike, June 23, 1919. He married at Pryor August 30, 1917, Badgie, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Coppinger, born June 27, 1894. They are the parents of: Mozelle Edna, born May 27, 1918 and Coke J. Born June 3, 1920. Mr. Blake is

Biographical Sketch of Mrs. Susie D. Coats

Coats, Mrs. Susie D. (See Grant and Hildebrand) —Susie Dora, daughter of James and Emily (Harlin) Sunday was born in Cooweescoowee District, September 12, 1876, educated in Female Seminary. Married September 11, 1893 James, son of James McKenzie and Annie C. (Spears) Coats, born April 1, 1866. They are the parents of: Jennie Bessie, born January 25, 1894; James McKenzie, born September 20, 1896; Elmer Earl, born September 4, 1901; Capitola Wyly, born February 15, 1903; Lulu May, born January 20, 1906; Eugene born October 15, 1908: Belva Lockwood, born June 8, 1910 and David Coats, born March 3, 1912.

Biographical Sketch of George E. Drew

Drew, George E.—George F., son of Charles and Martha (Lee) Drew, was born at Webber hills, Dec. 12, 1872, educated at the Orphan Asylum. Married near Pryor Nov. 8, 1894, Susie, daughter of Zachariah and Eunice (Bledsoe) Putnam. They are the parents of Eugene H., born April 30, 1896, married Billie Coats; Richard F., born Oct. 18, 1899; Eunice P., born May 23, 1902; Paula E., born Feb. 14, 1910, and Howard L. Drew, born Nov. 22, 1912.

Biographical Sketch of Daniel Young Carman

Carman, Daniel (See Ward)—Daniel Young Carman born Aug. 11, 1895, educated at Adair. Married at Pryor, Oct. 9, 1914, Grace, daughter of James Madison and Jessie Floyd, born October 12, 1896 in Scotland County, Missouri. They are the parents of Ermel, born September 28, 1915; Revis Goodwin, born March 5, 1917 and Loyce Carmen, born May 24, 1919. Mr. Carmen is a farmer near Adair and is a member of the I. O. O. F. Louisa Maria Clark, born March 18, 1848. Married April 8, 1869 Daniel Young, born June 14, 1844 in Waldmore, Bavaria. He served in Company K.

Biographical Sketch of John Ross Buffington

Buffington, John Ross (See Grant, Downing and Daniel)—John Ross, son of John Ross and Nancy Jane (Bryan) Buffington, was born at Doaksville, Choctaw Nation June 2, 1864, educated in the Cherokee National Schools, Male Seminary, Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Married at Pryor, July 6, 1891, Sadie, daughter of Robert and Susan Highland, born October 28, 1865, in Denver, Colorado. They are the parents of Nancy Jane, born April 15, 1892, educated at Female Seminary; Carrie Rebecca, born May 17, 1893, educated at Female Seminary; Charles Ross, born May 29, 1894; Hallie Hazel, born August 2, 1897; Joel Webster, born October 12, 1900,

Biographical Sketch of Mrs. Joseph W. Adair

Adair, Mrs. Joseph W. (See Ross)—Cora Ann Sayers, born near Pryor, February 28, 1896. Married at Big Cabin, July 2, 1916, Joseph William, Son of Allen and Kittie Adair, born September 8th, 1891, in Harri­son County, Kentucky. They are the par­ents of Virginia Elizabeth, born August 22, 1918 and Allen Sayers Adair, born March 26, 1919. Mr. Adair is a farmer near Pryor. Henry Drew, son of Abner and Nancy Jane (Coody) Sayers was born March 9, 1862. Married October 5, 1892. Dora Thompson. born March 11, 1869 in Macom County, Missouri. Henry Drew died March 28, 1899.