Location: Ontario Canada

Biography of Henry H. Collier

Henry Haight Collier, Collector of Customs at St. Catharines, was born in Howard, Steuben County, N. Y., November 28, 1818. His father, Richard Collier, was from Green County, in the same State. His grandfather, Isaac Collier, and his great-grandfather were originally from England. His mother, Mary, nee Haight, was of Holland extraction. In 1835, our subject came to St. Catharines, where his elder brother, Richard Collier, resided, and spent two years in study at the grammar school; then returned to Steuben County, read law in Bath, at first with Edward Howell, and subsequently with Hammond and Campbell, the latter, Hon.

Biography of William Scott M.D.

William Scott, with a single exception the oldest resident physician and surgeon in Oxford County, was born in Everingham, Yorkshire, England, November 27, 1820. His parents, Thomas and Dinah (Easingwood) Scott, came to Canada in 1830, and settled in the County of Oxford, our subject aiding to clear two farms in the county, one in Eastwood the other in East Oxford. He may almost be called a born physician, having at nine years of age a great fondness for medical studies; and while engaged in clearing and cultivating land, giving his leisure time to such studies, sometimes carrying a book

Biography of Daniel O’Connor

Among the earlier class of families that settled in Ottawa (then known as Bytown), was that of Daniel O’Connor, senior, who was born in Tipperary, Ireland, in 1796. He was possessed of considerable scholastic attainments, his parents, being in comfortable circumstances, having intended him for the clerical profession. Like many more of a literary turn of mind, Mr. O’Connor kept a journal through life, and being permitted to peruse it, we are in a position to give correctly his early life and history. Not feeling the necessary disposition to comply with his parents wishes, he was allowed to follow his

Biography ofJohn A. Orchard

John Allen Orchard, Clerk of the Division Court for the County of Welland, and a son of Thomas and Eliza Ann (Medway) Orchard, was born in Devonshire, England, March 2, 1815. Colonel Orchard, of the British army, was a cousin of his father, and John A. Medway, an officer in the British navy, was a brother of his mother. A large number of the Orchards are military and professional men. Young Orchard was educated in common and private schools, farmed with his father in the old country until 1835; then came to Upper Canada with the family, and after spending

Biography of Hon. John O’Connor, Q.C.

The subject of this sketch is descended from two distinct families of the same name, of Kerry, Ireland; his parents being John and Mary O’Connor, though not related within known degrees of kinship. They immigrated to the United States in 1823, and settled in Boston, Mass., where our subject was born, January 21, 1824. When he was four years old the family removed to Upper Canada, settling in the County of Essex, in the extreme western part of what is now the Province of Ontario, where the son received his education in common, gram mar and private schools. He read

Biography of Prof. Nathaniel Burwash, A.M., S.T.D.

The subject of this biographical notice is a descendant of a United Empire Loyalist family that settled in Vermont, sometime before the American Revolution. Prior to that great historical event, his great grandfather was in the British navy. His grandfather, Adam Burwash, senior, moved from Vermont to Lower Canada, about 1790, and settled in the County of Argenteuil, where our subject was born July 25, 1839. His father, Adam Burwash, junior, was a volunteer in the rebellion of 1837-38, an uncle commanding the regiment, which was on garrison duty most of the time. When Nathaniel was ten years old the

Biography of John G. Stevenson

John Gustavus Stevenson, Judge of the County of Haldimand, was born in the Township of Niagara, County of Lincoln, June 1, 1818, being a son of John A. Stevenson, a native of Dublin, and an officer of the 99th Foot, dying at “Oakwood,” Niagara, in 1832. The mother of our subject was Mary Allison, daughter of Rev. Robert Addison, who was established at Niagara in 1792, being a pioneer in his profession in Upper Canada. Judge Stevenson was educated chiefly at Upper Canada College, Toronto; studied law with Judge Campbell, of Niagara; was called to the Bar at Trinity term,

Biography of Edward McGillivray

Edward McGillivray is a son of Donald McGillivray, a farmer, who came from Invernessshire, Scotland, in 1793, and settled in the County of Glengarry, where Edward was born September 15, 1815. His mother was Catharine Campbell, a Highlander. The subject of this notice is one of the leading merchants of Ottawa; received a very plain education in a country school, but made good use of his time, and early became quite proficient in figures, the Mathematics being a favorite study with him. In youth he profitably employed his leisure time when out of school, and acquired a fair knowledge of

Biography of John Dewar

John Dewar, County Attorney and Clerk of the Peace, is a son of John and Emily (Knight) Dewar, both being Perthshire, Scotland, families. He was born in that County August 22, 1829, and before he was a year old the family immigrated to Canada, and settled on a farm in the Township of Esquesing, four miles from Milton. The subject of this sketch was educated in the common and grammar schools, and Franklin College, New Athens, Ohio, where he spent a few term; studied law in Toronto with John McNab, at one time County Attorney, and Angus Morrison, ex-Mayor of

Biography of George D. Morton, M.D.

George Deane Morton, the oldest medical practitioner in the County of Simcoe, was born in the County of Wicklow, Ireland, August 31, 1822, his parents being Francis and Elizabeth Anne Morton. His grandfather, James Morton, was a Captain in the British Army, with which his great-grandfather also was connected. The Mortons are an old and highly respectable Irish family. Our subject was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, where he also studied medicine, and from whence he graduated. In 1849 he came to this country, took honors &c. at Toronto University, and passed his medical examinations before the old Medical Board