Location: Oak Grove Oregon

Biography of Francis Xavier Paquet

FRANCIS X. PAQUET. – Francis Xavier Paquet, son of Joseph Paquet and Marie Madaline Godant, was born in the parish of Saint John, about thirty miles west of Quebec, at the junction of the Jacquarka river with the St. Lawrence. Joseph Paquet was a stonemason by trade, but lived on a farm and took jobs of stonework. He was the father of eighteen children, nine boys and nine girls. F.X. Paquet, the sixteenth child in order, was born on the fifteenth day of January, 1811. He learned the trade of shipbuilding at Quebec, being apprenticed to Peter Labbe when not

Dalton, James – Obituary

North Powder, Union County, Oregon James Dalton, universally known as “Jim” Dalton, was born at Marshtown, Tenn., and his age is given as about 69 years. He came to North Powder a year before the railroad was built on from La Grande, arriving here in 1883. He purchased railroad land and was successful in a business way from the first, we are told. The present Dalton ranch, joining for a mile or more the Old Oregon Trail 2 miles from North Powder, was acquired in the early days and has one of the old water rights from the North Powder

Poland, Merle Gordon – Obituary

A memorial service will be at 10 a.m. Friday, Sept. 2, 2005, in Oak Grove United Methodist Church for Merle Gordon Poland, who died Aug. 15 at age 96. Mr. Poland was born March 26, 1909, in Eugene. He moved to Portland in 1933. He received bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Washington State University, and served in the Navy. He was an electrical engineer for Bonneville Power Administration. In 1930, he married Audrey L. Dirr; she died in 2002. Survivors include his daughters, Shirley J. Slack and Janice R. Lee; eight grandchildren; and 20 great-grandchildren. Remembrances to the Casey Eye

Poland, Audrey Larie Dirr – Obituary

A memorial service will be at 2 p.m. Friday, Jan. 11, 2002, in Oak Grove United Methodist Church in Milwaukie for Audrey Larie Poland, who died Jan. 2 at age 92. Mrs. Poland was born Audrey Larie Dirr on April 10, 1909, in Mehama. She moved to Portland in 1934. A homemaker, she also was a seamstress out of her home until the time of death. She was a member of Rose City Park United Methodist Church for about 55 years, and a recent member of Oak Grove United Methodist Church. In 1930, she married Merle G. Poland. Survivors include

Mayes, Thomas A. – Obituary

Thomas A. Mayes, 32, an almost life-time resident of the Haines vicinity, died at St. Elizabeth hospital at 2:45 Monday of this week. Death is attributed to spinal meningitis and his death followed an illness of but a few days duration. Mr. Mayes was the step-son of W.H. Mayes of the Rock Creek – Muddy Creek district and with the exception of a few years spent in Southern California and at Oak grove, Oregon had been a resident of the Haines community all his life. A son, Thomas Jr., is seriously ill with an attack of the same disease. Mr.