Location: Muskogee Oklahoma

Slave Narrative of Allen V. Manning

Person Interviewed: Allen V. Manning Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma Place of Birth: Clarke County Mississippi Date of Birth: 1850 Age: 87 Occupation: Sells Milk I always been somewhar in the South, mostly in Texas when I was a young man, and of course us Negroes never got much of a show in court matters, but I reckon if I had of had the chance to set on a jury I would of made a mighty poor out at it. No sir. I jest can’t set in judgement on nobody, ’cause I learned when I was jest a little boy that good

Slave Narrative of Phoebe Banks

Person Interviewed: Phoebe Banks Location: Muskogee, Oklahoma Date of Birth: October 17, 1860 Age: 78 In 1860, there was a little Creek Indian town of Sodom on the north bank of the Arkansas River, in a section the Indians called Chocka Bottoms, where Hose Perryman had a big farm or ranch for a long time before the Civil War. That same year, on October 17, I was born on the Perryman place, which was northwest of where I lived now in Muskogee; only in them days Fort Gibson and Okmulgee was the biggest towns around and Muskogee hadn’t shaped up

Biographical Sketch of Manford E. DeLozier

DeLozier, Manford E. (See Adair)—Manford F. DeLozier, born Sept. 25, 1891, at Adair, educated locally. Married at Mus­kogee, October 4, 1914, Amanda F., daughter of John B. and Bettie 3. Gibson, born January 5th, 1895, in Missouri. They are the parents of Vivian Marie, born Feb­ruary 20, 1916, and Reuben Edward DeLozier, Jr., born August 18, 1819. After clerking in the Bank of Adair for some time, Mr. DeLozier gave up that place to assume the more congenial occupation of farming and stock raising. Edward, the son of John and Gahoga Adair, was born February 7, 1789. Married June 17,

Biographical Sketch of Mrs. Nannie Foreman

Foreman, Mrs. Nannie (See Grant, Downing, Foreman, Watie, Conrad and Halfbreed)—Return, son of Ellis and Sarah (Phillips) Foreman was educated in the Cherokee Na­tional Schools. Married at Muskogee, Nannie, daughter of Thomas Jefferson and Susannah (Watie) Bean, born March 25, 1881. They are the parents of Joseph, born October 16, 1917 and Samuel Foreman, born February 6, 1911. John Alexander Watie married Eliza Fields and they were the parents of Mrs. Susannah (Watie) Bean. Ellis (commonly called “Tyler’) son of Samuel and Sallie (Gourd) Foreman married Sarah, daughter of Elijah and Sidney Crittenden) Phillips and they were the parents of

Biographical Sketch of W. L. Mayes

(See Downing, Oolootsa, Adair and Ghigoneli) William Lucullus, son of Samuel Houston and Martha Elizabeth (Vann) Mayes, was born February 6, 1874; educated in the Male Seminary. He married January 8, 1901, Mary Llewellyn, daughter of Gideon and Mary Llewellyn (Payne) Morgan, born June 23, 1877 and graduated from the Female Seminary June 28, 1894. They are the parents of Martha Llewellyn Mayes, born August 24, 1902. Mr. Mayes is prominently identified with real estate and it activities in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

Biographical Sketch of Elmer C. Croom

(See Grant and Oolootsa) Lorella Coleman, born March 14, 1858 married September 17, 1874 Joseph Smith, born December 10, 1846 were parents of Jessie Morton Smith, born 22, 1875. She married December 1894, Isaac Newton Croom, born August 12, 1867 in Madison County, Tennessee. They were the parents of Joseph Newton, Marvin Earl, William Lee, Elmer Clement, and Lula Irene Croom. The are residents of Muskogee.

Biographical Sketch of William Henry Barker

(See Ghigau) Elvira, daughter of Jesse and Sallie (Starr) Mayfield, married William Henry Barker; and they were the parents of Sallie Belle Barker who married Henry Forney Nicholson. Mr. Barker was elected a member of Council from Canadian District in 1889, and was chosen by that body as their speaker. He was elected Circuit Judge of the Southern Judicial Circuit of the Cherokee Nation in 1891, serving for a four-year term. He is at present a retired farmer at Muskogee.

Biographical Sketch of Mrs. Levi Ackley

See Grant and Ghigau) -Mary Jane, daughter of John Joshua and Minerva Elizabeth (Lillard) Patrick, was born March 12, 1868. Educated in the Cherokee National school. Married January 20, 1887 Levi Ackley, born June 28, 1861, in Bruce County, Ontario, Canada. They are the parents of Oliver Frederick, Madge Elizabeth, Lee Etta, and Edna Almira Ackley. Mr. and Mrs. Ackley are residents of Muskogee.

Biographical Sketch of Elizabeth Thatcher Stokes

(See Foreman) Herschael Vetran, son of Jeremiah Young and Mary Malinda (Walker) Stokes, born Sept. 21, 1882 educated in Cooweeescoowee District. Married at Muskogee June 28, 1909 Elizabeth, daughter of Joel T. and Mary L. (Kitchum) Thatcher, born in Delaware District November 12, 1883 and educated at Vinita. They are the parents of: Herschael Owen, born, April 2, 1910 and Darwin Clark Stokes, born September 13, 1911. Minerva Jane Taylor married Robert Wesley Walker and they were the parents of Mary Malinda (Walker) Stokeg. Robert Wesley Walker was elected Judge of Going Snake District March 24, 1879, appointed Attorney General

Biographical Sketch of W. F. Head

(See Ward)-Mary Ward, daughter of Robert Andrew and Frances M. (Ward) Hosey, was bore September 4, 1882; married Walter Ford Head. Mr. Head is an experienced linotype operator, living at Muskogee.