Lee County FL

Pineland Archaeological District – Lee County, Florida

The Pineland Archaeological District, covering 211 acres on Pine Island, Florida, is a significant historic district recognized since 1973. Managed by the University of Florida Foundation and other partnerships, this region showcases an array of archaeological features including shell and sand mounds, pre-European canals, and artificial structures attributed to the Calusa Indians, who dominated the area from 500 BCE until after 1700. The district evidences dramatic shifts in sea levels and climate that influenced the area’s habitation patterns. Native Americans utilized the land extensively before significant loss due to real estate development over the past 150 years. Significant components of the site include linear shell middens, monumental earthworks, and architectural residues which reflect the complex societal structures and environmental interactions of its ancient occupants. Presently reduced to around 20 acres of protected land, the remaining site still harbors valuable insights into prehistoric life on Florida’s largest island, historically shaped by both natural and human forces.

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Walter Bradford Todd of Fort Myers FL

Walter Bradford Todd8, (William S.7, David6, Titus5, Titus4, Benjamin3, Michael2, Christopher1) born Jan. 4, 1880, in Ridgefield, Conn., married in 1903, Lucy M., daughter of Robert Jay Walsh. He attended the primary grades of the public schools in Ridgefield, Conn. In 1893, he became a student at Kings School in Stamford, Conn. In Nov., 1896,

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Edward Augustus Todd of Fort Meyers FL

Edward Augustus Todd9, (John D.8, Caleb7, Jehiel6, Stephen5, Stephen4, Samuel3, Samuel2, Christopher1) born Feb. 13, 1840, in Chesterfield, N. H., married May 30, 1872, Mary Elvira, daughter of Walter S. and Emily (Magee) Todd, who was born Jan. 8, 1849. For her ancestry see number 2013. He was a physician and had a practice in

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