Location: Honeoye Falls New York

Biography of Rev. James T. Dougherty

When De Nonville and his French army, in 1687, destroyed the Indian village of Gannagaro and Gaudougarae, the inhabitants were driven eastward and formed a village near the foot of Canandaigua Lake, which village and lake have since then borne that name. Among the Indian inhabitants in those days were many Catholics, some of them Senecas and most of them Hurons and Algonquin captives, the result of fifty years of missionary labor of the zealous Jesuits. Even in our day the beads and crucifixes given the Indians by the missionaries are still picked up on the sites of the old

Biography of Fred M. Locke

(VIII) Fred M., son of William Morton Locke, was born at West Mendon, in the village of Honeoye Falls, April 24, 1861. He attended the common schools. He learned the art of telegraphing and followed it from 1880 to 1887. In 1887 he was station agent and telegraph operator for the New York Central railroad. He was a skillful mechanic. with a tendency to invention, even in his youth. He was something of an artist and spent much time in painting. To eke out his income he used to make flies for the fishermen and was himself an expert angler.