Location: Gentilly Canada

Biography of William Joseph Fortier

William Joseph Fortier, of Franklin village, a retired hat manufacturer, was born December 8, 1824, in Gentilly, Quebec County, Canada. His father, Dr. Thomas Fortier, who was a very prominent physician of Quebec, and later of Gentilly, was a member of Parliament for fourteen years. Dr. Thomas was twice married, first to Eliza Hannah, November 15, 1819, when he was twenty-four years of age. By this union there were seven children, born as follows: Thomas E., September 27, 1820; Mary Ann Emily, May 29, 1823; William Joseph, the subject of this sketch; Edward F., September 30, 1825; Mary L., January

1851 Gentilly Canada Directory

A Village situated in the Seigniory of the same name, and County of Nicolet, Canada East distant from Quebec, 75 miles. In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work. Alphabetical List Of Professions, Trades, &C. Bergeron, Mrs. D., boarding house. Brunelle, Felix, general store. Delisle, Cyril, saw mill. Fortier, Thomas, M. D., and M. P. P. Gaudet, Joseph, postmaster. Genets, Captain Joseph. Grander, John, miller. Larne, Rev. O., Roman Catholic. Legendre, J. B., land surveyor. Legendre, Lieut. Colonel Francois Malhoit, David, commissioner of court for causes. Malhoit, Felix, commissioner of court