Location: Enterprise Pennsylvania

Biography of Willis Benedict Priestley

The oil industry has been the chief factor in the attainment of the present prosperity and greatness of Oklahoma and the Priestley family, of which Willis Benedict Priestley is a member, has played a conspicuous part in the development of the rich oil fields of the state, being pioneer operators in this field. Willis Benedict Priestley is an alert, energetic and progressive young man and as president of the Tanner Oil Company he is controlling an enterprise of large proportions, proving fully equal to the heavy responsibilities which devolve upon him in this connection. Mr. Priestley was born in Enterprise,

Biography of Robert H. Childs

Robert H. Childs, now superintendent of the Petroleum Products Company plant in Independence, is one of the veteran oil men of America. His father was a pioneer in the oil fields of Western Pennsylvania, and Mr. Childs himself grew up in that environment, and took to the work as naturally as a New England youth goes to sea. There is probably not an important oil field in the country with which he has not been identified in some capacity or another. The Petroleum Products Company established a plant in Independence in 1908. The general officers of the company at Chicago